To make ZUCast and the ZUBC (or Zelda Universe Broadcasting Corporation) a little more visible on the site, I’ve made a ZUBC Headquarters page. I’ve also made it more obvious how to subscribe to ZUCast, our community podcast, by removing the RSS link to the Podcast and making it a subscribe via iTunes-only deal. In addition to all of that, the ZUBC / Podcast menu on the right sidebar has been expanded with a link to the Headquarters.

For those of you blissfully unaware what (or who) the ZUBC is, they are the folks who create our [kind-of] monthly community podcast, ZUCast. In addition, they’re working on a brand new project called ZUBCTV – what could that be? Hmm…

For everything ZUBC, you can now simply visit ZUBC Headquarters. It’s got information about ZUCast, ZUBCTV, who works at ZUBC and more. You can even contact the ZUBC team through the Headquarters as well, so why not send them some feedback on ZU’s last podcast?

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