I’m happy to announce that our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters page has gotten a slight face lift in the form of images with transparent backgrounds. This is the first part of an improvement we’re hoping to bring to the rest of our Zelda sections as well – the highest quality images on the internet. With that said, I have a few announcements about images!

We’ve got a brand new staffer on board who goes by the name of Steve. Steve hails initially from Zelda Wiki.org, where he does a good load of image editing there. It was a no-brainer that with Steve on our side, ZU would slowly gather the greatest Zelda images on the ‘net. And so we are. Right now we’re in the process of filling up the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask sections of ZU with high-quality images.

Think of the SSBB Characters page like a taste test ;)… with any luck, the other sections will be just as good. We’re looking to gather high-resolution official art as well as 3D models.

In addition, I will be recreating ZU’s Image Gallery with the new, better imagery, and tailor-make the structure of each game’s gallery. It will become much more organized and useful, and we’re not resting until it’s better than any other image gallery out there. This isn’t going to be an instant or quick process. There’s a lot of work going on in our Cave of Solitude to get this all done, so we really hope you all enjoy the fruits of our labor!

I’ll be back with more about this later, when the first OoT page has been completed with shiny new images.

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  • dany36

    That’s pretty neat! Though…why are some of them bigger than others? It’d look a bit cleaner if they were all the same size.

  • s

    Oh, no… there’s a Smash Bros. page now? This used to be the best Zelda site on the web… now it’s losing it…

    • Farore

      The only reason why there is a Smash page is the fact that Link, Toon Link, Zelda/Shiek have an appearance in it.

      It does not mean anything bad at all. And it was stated somewhere that they were not going to put any of the other games up. Only Brawl.

      I don’t see why this makes the site worse.