Due to a bug in our cPanel software, our databases got knocked out last night at around 10:30pm. We immediately began dumping them and repairing them. Luckily, nothing was wrong, and we were able to restore the databases completely. No data was lost, but there might be some rampant bugs. The wiki is down at the time of this writing; a database repair should fix the issue. I’ll post here when the wiki has returned (UPDATE: It’s back online now!), and I’d love for you guys to submit any bugs you encounter in the comments. Obviously there are a few issues that are immediately noticeable, and I’m doing everything I can to make sure ZU is back up to speed as quickly as possible. I thank everyone for being so patient with all of this; it’s been a real headache for me.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some new features and such that will make ZU slightly more interactive. You can see I’ve already added some social networking buttons underneath the now-prettied up Similar News parts of newsposts. Use the buttons to share ZU’s articles and news with your friends! If there’s a service you want to share a ZU article on that I don’t have a button for, just say so and I’ll see if I can get one up.

Next on my list is to add two new pages to site: Submit News and Submit Article. The titles are as straightforward as the concepts, so with any luck I’ll have these two features implemented today with some more details about each.

I deeply apologize for the downtime. But we’re back and we haven’t lost a thing (we hope), so it’s back to Zelda-ing… or whatever it is we do.

  • Link the 13th

    Thanks Jason

  • Gerudude

    Uh, social networking buttons… Is that under the Interactive head? I can´t find them. I love what you guys are doing here though, so I don´t mind.

  • Ando

    The social networking buttons are directly under the “Similar News” box — all of those buttons for Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc.

    “Submit News” and “Submit Article”…? Interesting…

  • Zien

    Does wp.zeldauniverse.net have anything to do with looking at what errors are in the system?

    Also, thanks for bringing back ZU.

    • wp.zeldauniverse.net was our test site when we were rebuilding ZU. It should be long-gone. If you’re getting any errors with wp.zeldauniverse.net, that means it’s back from the dead – and could surely cause issues! Let me know specifically the error you’re getting and how you got it.

  • Hylie

    Every route that I take to get to the forum simply dumps me here, on the front page. I’ve typed the url in manually but it still links me here. Also, my forum bookmarks, both on my PC and phone, now link here also. No matter what I do, I can not get to the forum. Weird, huh?

    • Clear your cache, that should do it.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I’ve been able to access the forums fine, but I can’t access the wiki. It sends me back to the home page with a weird url: http://www.zeldauniverse.net/?title=

  • The Goron Moron

    Thank you Jason.

    I’ve encountered a bug. Whenever I try to access a user page in the Zelda Wiki, any user page, I get a database error. Something about ‘CannotGetUserID’ or something.

    • Yeah, we need to repair the OpenID database. We’re actually repairing the whole wiki right now, so that issue will be fixed shortly.

  • Scatty/Poatoe Chip Man

    ..I and I think Etranal Legand get data base ereors(spellt wrong)and this is 2:30 Am Est(I think that right)or if it’s wrong then 2:30 Am here in Virgina

  • Average Gamer

    The main forum page is working, but everything else isn’t.

  • Sign of Madness

    I can open the main forum page. But when I click on anything else I get an error.

  • Yeah as the two above me said, i can only open the main forum page, when i click something else i get a Vbulletin error message =S

  • Oh, and sometimes i get this with it:

    Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in [path]/includes/class_core.php on line 408

  • Light Knight

    I’m having the same problem as Average Gamer and Leroy. I can get the forum no problem, but I when I try to read a post of log in, I get a Database Error.

  • Sabbo

    I got the same problem as the above few people, but I’ve found that I can also get to the section pages (Zelda, Community, Clans HQ, The Escapists’ Haven), the rules page, the calendar, the awards page, the forum’s FAQ pages, the members list and its search, the “contacts & friends” page, my album/gallery/whateverit’scalled, the edit signature page, the “edit your details” page, the edit options page, my PM inbox and outbox (and connectedly, I can also still send PMs), the “who’s online” page, the chatroom (y’know, that java one which nobody uses. :P), the “edit profile picture” page, the edit avatar page, the “edit email & password” page, the edit ignore list page, and possibly a few others I can’t find easily.

    … that’s not an insignificant number of pages there. :/

  • The posts database crashed while they were repairing it (irony?). Anyways, it’ll just need to be repaired again.

    Sorry about this, guys.

  • вℓσσ∂ѕρσят

    Thanks for sorting it all out. People say the main page works, but nothing else does? i’m encountering the same problems. Hopefully it’ll be all back to normal soon.Thanks again.

    • Read what I said before. We were repairing and the repair crashed, so we need to restart the repair and run it again.

  • Poatoe Chip Man

    So when is the forum going to be back up?

  • Forum is back up! Should be permanent now.

  • Poatoe Chip Man


  • Да уж… Тут как люди раньше говорили: Алтын серебра не ломит ребра 🙂