Nintendo’s DSi sells half a million units in a single month.

… And we’re not surprised. This is Japan we’re talking about after all.

Hi, I’m Hombre de Mundo, your one and only Man of World. You may know me from the Forums. If you haven’t checked the Forums out yet, you should go visit. Anyway, I’m the latest addition to our news writer team and will be bringing you news as long as people keep making them. And this week, Nintendo made some very good news for their wallets.

The Nintendo DSi, the latest iteration of the handheld console we all love, has recently been released in Japan where they had to come up with something new since every single person in Japan has like three DS units already. I kid – of course – but fact is Nintendo really had to keep the Japanese market interested in their products. I haven’t seen any impressions of the DSi since it released but whether it’s good or not, it sure is selling.

Approximately 535, 000 units were sold during November according to Enterbrain. It doesn’t quite beat the DS Lite which sold approximately 550, 000 units it’s first month alone. This means the DS platform is now up in about 24 million units sold. If you haven’t invested in some Nintendo stock yet, do it now!

The Nintendo DSi is scheduled for a Spring release in the US. Other regions have yet to receive a release date.


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