The Difficulty of Ocarina of Time

A 10th Anniversary Article by lftenjamin

I don’t usually write articles that much, or really at all, but with Ocarina of Time‘s 10th birthday coming up how could I not want to write something? Ocarina of Time has formed a special place in our hearts. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that the average visitor to Zelda Universe is around the age of 15-18 and, going by my guess, I’m also assuming that Ocarina of Time was their first Zelda game. My first was Link’s Awakening, but the game that got me hooked on Zelda was Ocarina of Time.

I remember Christmas of 1998, opening all of my gifts – the final gift I opened was some game called “Zelda.” I wasn’t sure why I received a game called Zelda. I had played LA, but never went past the second dungeon after I got stuck. To this day, I think I picked up that game because my father used to be a Zelda fan himself. So, I eventually started to play it and, of course, ended up stuck in the first dungeon (one has to remember I was only 7 at the time). A game this massive was too much for me to comprehend. Such a large place, so much to look for. I didn’t even understand what was going on; who pays that much attention to the story at seven years old? Why was I in a tree? What am I supposed to be looking for? These questions and more were popping up in my head as I played.

Eventually I figured it out and moved on with the game. I could go on, now, to write about how massive the overworld was, the shock of playing as Adult Link, and then segway into commentary on the story and many other things from there, but I want, specifically, to talk about one of my biggest peeves in all of Zelda history: The Water Temple. I’m sure a handful of you readers also hated the Water Temple on your first play through. You might remember being stuck for days trying to find the room to raise the water level and, when you finally found out where the room was, you didn’t know how to activate the switch to get into the room you’d spent days looking for.

My own Water Temple woes occurred trying to find one small key to get me into the room leading into the final deeper parts of the Temple, where I could find the Boss Key. I was there for a week, every day spending hours retracing all of my steps looking for the key. It turned out that, in the room where you find Ruto, if you put the water at medium level there is a platform with a bombable wall. That is where my key resided, and at last I was able to continue on with the dungeon! But I couldn’t help wondering, how is the player supposed to know about that room, that wall? As a room you only travel through once, I felt it was so random for the key to be hidden there.

And then, Dark Link – fighting him made my blood boil. He mirrored the player’s movements so precisely that to get a hit in on him either meant he or she had lightning-fast reflexes or was clinically insane. Never did I think of using Din’s fire, not once, and as this was my first play through the game I knew nothing of Biggoron’s Sword. I died fighting Dark Link almost more than any other mini boss (and boss, for that matter) in the game. I say almost for one reason: the main boss of the Water Temple was Morpha. Even getting to the boss door took forever, and trying to run up that slope and not get hit with any of the blades aggravated me so much that fighting the boss was almost a relief. Unfortunately, Morpha is difficult as all hell to defeat. While I wouldn’t say Morpha is the most difficult boss in any Zelda game, it’s probably in the top five. Whenever Morpha grabbed Link he lost an insane amount of heart life, and trying to hook the amoeba was incredibly difficult as well. When you finally hooked it, the thing flopped around so much that it became impossible to hit.

The Water Temple, as a result, came across as one of the strangest dungeons ever to appear in any Zelda game, full of difficult puzzles and a set of one of the hardest mini bosses and bosses for years to come.

By today’s standards OoT is only of mediocre difficulty, but for its time the game was both complex and difficult enough for us kids playing it. Games seem to become easier and easier as the years go on – but is that because of the developers slacking on the job or because we are simply growing older and more experienced at gamers? As I previously stated, I’m guessing that most of you reading this are about 15-18 years of age, which means you were 5-8 when OoT came out. If you’ve been playing video games – especially Zelda – since the age range of 5-8, you’ve probably become accustomed to how most games work out. If you’ve been a diehard Zelda fan, you’ve probably learned the ins and outs of traditional Zelda mechanics and dungeon design. You, as gamers and Zelda fans, have tried an umpteen amount of different games from an equal amount of strange genres, each with their unique story line and visual style – but I’m willing to bet they all had similar gameplay, puzzles and mechanics.

Even shooters, while first-person most of the time, consist of a figuring moving dynamically about a 3D space. To say that a shooter is just like a Zelda game, or a 3D platformer like Mario, is absurd, but spending years controlling different characters moving around in a similar 3D space would easily prepare one for, well, doing just that. Playing games repeatedly, all types of games, gives you experience as a gamer – and complaints that modern Zeldas are too easily could be attributed to our own growth and experience as gamers, and not simply Nintendo’s insistence on making casual, easy to pick up games.

And as we more hardcore gamers have gotten better at games, games can, and should, become more difficult at a faster rate. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Games feel easier and easier to play with each passing release cycle. Perhaps games are getting more difficult, but we’re simply adapting to their difficulty that much faster. I’m sure that if you gave Twilight Princess to a seven-year-old kid they’d get stuck, maybe even mad, and in the worst case scenario give up on the game. But maybe they’d work at it and beat it, just as we did when we played OoT as youngins. And thus, this makes way for a new generation of gamers to play through their own difficulties, at their own pace. But who’s to say they won’t soon become like us older folk, starving for games that equate with their years of gaming experience?

It is a cycle, and will continue for years to come unless developers decide to make their games mind-numblingly difficult for adults that much sooner. And just as I gained experience, and frustration, playing the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, so too will the youngest generation of all gain similar experience in Twilight Princess’s Water Temple fighting Morpheel, and the cycle will go on and on again. Perhaps that young gamer will be here in several years, writing a similar article to mine, but about Twilight Princess – because, if you think it about it, it was an incredibly difficult game for its time.

  • Lunk

    WOOOOOOOO! I love this game, and lefty basically put it in the right format on how difficult yet amazing it is.

    I agree fully.


    • I totally agree, this is such a great game
      even though there might be few difficulties at some points.
      By the way, I have tried the game and beleive me or not,
      I got all 100 gold skulltula's and all 36 heart peices.

      • Hanna

        Lucky im so bad at this game i have to rely on others tO find things for me

  • Feere Gorone

    Great article, lefty! I'm sad to say that I wasn't a gamer when OoT came out (I was only 4 at the time) but you sure did it justice.

    • Pyrodranox

      At least you were four, lol, I was barely born, of course, I've beaten it at least 40 times, (not an exaggeration).

    • Thiefenz

      Bah! I was a gamer by age four! my first game was Killer Instinct.

    • Zello

      I was 2 when Oot came out lol, when i first played it when i was 5 i managed to clear the deku tree quickly, THE HARDEST PART? GETTING TO ZELDA :I

  • Dark Helmet

    Ahh, Ocarina of Time, one of the classic Zelda titles. I had quite a bit of trouble with the Water Temple myself, especially when I had to fight Dark Link. I remember screaming at the game and even throwing the controller occaisionally when I kept dieing. Now, I really don't find Dark Link to be much of a challenge anymore,escpecially if I'd gotten my grubby little hands on the Biggoron's Sword first. I think that's the problem. We're gradually getting better at games, and that makes the new releases to seem easier. I hope that The next Zelda title gives us the option of setting the difficulty level. This way, new Zelda players won't be so intimidated on their first playthrough, while veteran players could actually have a difficult challenge.

    • Pyrodranox

      I don't understand how so many people have trouble with the water temple, on Master Quest it's understandable, still working on that, but the Forest Temple is always the hardest for me.

      What you say is true, I wasn't even born when Ocarina of Time came out, and I had trouble when I was old enough to play, but now, no Zelda game ever made is ever hard, at all. Frustrating!

    • Hanna

      That would be genius

  • By_Farore

    Cool article!
    I must say, although I always loved videogames, I only started playing not so long ago (lack of money when I was a youngster). My first real play through a Zelda game was Twilight Princess.
    I did already try Ocarina of Time before at a friend’s house, but I was, like the five year old you were, stuck inside the Deku Tree and utterly confused.
    I bought TP because I wanted to try out the Wii so bad, plus it had a horse, a wolf and a sword. What’s not to love?
    Unlike veteran Zelda gamers, I’ve found TP hard the first time around.
    I’m playing it a second time, trying to beat it with my left hand to check if they were right to mirror it.
    Still a whole lot easier than my first time.
    And when I decided to play OoT for real, shortly after beating TP, I managed to hit Dark Link with my sword many times and I’ve found Morpha to be easier than Morpheel.

  • Silver Scale

    I had the revered Versus Books guide by my side when I played OOT, so I didn't have too much trouble with it,although the Water Temple did still get on my nerves.

    I don't think I ever died much when fighting Dark Link. I kept rolling and flipping out of the way a lot, and only attacked when I was sure I was going to get a hit. Plus I used Din's Fire and the Megaton Hammer a lot (like the guide said to). The fight was still pretty darned time consuming, though.

    The hardest part of OOT for me personally was fighting Ganondorf with only 13 hearts (including white borders, of course)… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Hanna

      Personally i dont know what fighting Ganondorf is like but i cant rember seeing my brother die once

  • Akuma

    Well, I disagree on the difficulty, my 8 year old brother beat the Twilight Princess very easily, but he got stuck on Majora’s Mask a lot, and a few times on OOT, the games are getting easier, it’s not just us, I’m 18 btw and can see that zelda is rapidly becoming more casual, this needs to stop or I’ll lose interest in the series, after all I’m not a diehard fan who would buy a game so damn easy it’s actually a chore to play like WW, I hated that game for many reasons

    • lftenjamin

      There are exceptions to every rule:)

    • Thiefenz

      I loved Wind Waker.except for the hours and hours and hours… and hours, of sailing.

  • Luisa

    Ah, Ocarina of Time… It brings back so many memories. I only got interested in playing the game 2 years after it was launched. But it was a difficult game for me. It took me quite some time to find that key you mentioned, too. And I had to die some times fighting Dark Link before thinking of using Din's Fire. And if you tried to stab him, he'd jump on Link's sword and attack him. Quite a mini boss.
    Ocarina of Time isn't that hard for me now. In fact, it's as easy as Twilight Princess. Oh yeah, a seven-year-old child would sure get stuck on TP.
    This difficulty stuff is a real problem. The only solution I see if to include in the game various levels of dificulty.

  • David

    I’ll have to say that while it is certainly true that we are getting better as gamers, games are getting easier. The hardest in the series are the two from the NES. I played those for the first time like a year ago, after I had played all the other Zeldas (except MC and PH), I had a hard time with those, they are just hard, period. TP was so straight forward. Both the enemies and the puzzles are much, much easier. It’s hard to get stuck. For me the 3D Zeldas from hardest to easiest go like this: MM, OoT, WW, TP.

    • frank

      Maybe you found the two NES games hard because you are not used to that gameplay style. But I agree that now a days they just hold your hand through out most of the game.

    • Thiefenz

      MM IS so hard! but it is that much more rewarding when you complete a task. Developers need to take a lesson from Monster Hunter: Just make the game Difficult to play; we will surpass the learning curve at some point, it's what gives me the most enjoyment out of games.

  • Yeah! I’m 15 years old, and OoT was my first Zelda game! πŸ˜€

  • garsh

    Bull. Years of gaming experience isn’t making modern games merely seem easier, they really just *are* easier. Compare LoZ to TP or PH. Compare AoL to any other Zelda.

    Besides, who even cares about “challenge” anymore? It’s an anachronism to me. Games are designed to be finished, so it’s not like you’re really overcoming anything more than an arbitrary obstacle designed with usually one really contrite solution.

    So modern games are easy, big deal. The nature of the medium has changed in such a way that they shouldn’t be about difficulty anymore anyway. If you’re playing because games make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, then you’re kidding yourself.

    Just play for fun.

    • Animaster

      That’s why they’re called “video games”. They’re games, you should have fun playing them. But, that’s just what I think.

    • rafael

      the problem is that i dont play for the stories of the games…i play then for the entertainment of beating then; if they are too easy, theres no “beating then”, theres just “watching then while mechanicaly moving my hands to make then go forward” hehe…in order to me to really feel like im playing something, they should require for me to think creatively and slightly fear the chalenges ahead; thats how we can feel part of the game, of the adventure, and thats where the zelda franchise usually excels

    • Gohma’s_Armo

      See, this would actually be correct… but your statement is ruined by one little fact– Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams.

    • EducatedBeef

      Who cares about a *challenge* anymore?

      Only anyone who has a shred of a competitive nature.
      Yes, games are fun but so is the footy and you can't sit there and tell me that footy isn't a competitive sport.

      So people want a challenge, big deal. Perhaps they *enjoy* beating a game which is challenging.

      Besides, anyone who would get somewhat aggressive over someone asking for a challenege probably hasn't had much experience actually beating a some-what challenging game. =P

    • writer19

      what's the fun without a challenge?

    • Thiefenz

      with that Philosophy, Monster Hunter wouldn't be any fun. Shoot I posted 2 comments about a game that isn't Zelda. Um… Majora's Mask wouldn't be any fun. It's overcoming a challenge that makes the game fun. if said obstacle was difficult and took a lot out of you to complete, it is that much more rewarding than an obstacle that took minimal effort to complete.

  • rafael

    great article

    about the difficult level problem (a problem that bothers me very much); i think developers should try to add the option to choose between levels of difficult or at least add a Second Quest that is harder…playing the new zeldas has been sometimes disapointing for the lack of real challenge (especially when it comes to dungeon complexity)…Im playing the gameboy color zeldas and im loving then because i think they are really satisfying in their complexity (Oh goddesses! OoA is so wonderfull!)

  • Mike

    I only became a Zelda fan earlier this year and I got hooked because of Twilight Princess. I had always known that Zelda was out there I just never thought to try it. I actually think that the games aren’t getting easier I think that the new games have a more logical progression to them. The older games are great and all but I found it hard to know what to do next. I do think that they are easier in the fact that you rarely lose more than a heart in the newer games. Fighting Ganon in OoT made me want to throw my controller at the wall and give up on Zelda forever. You don’t have the annoying 4 heart killer attacks of the older games. And frankly, I’m not missing them. I beleive that the story is the thing that matters most and I think that OoT and TP have the hands-down best story lines.

  • Andrew Caplan

    I would just like to say that Ocarina of Time has effected me to an exponential extent! If it wasn’t for it, not only would i not be a Zelda fan, i would also not be a Nintendo fan altogether!!! I owe Miyamoto many thanks and hope to see more outstanding Zelda tittles to come!

    Let the Zelda Reign Live On!!!

  • Leirin

    These are very accurate opinions on Ocarina of Time’s difficulty. It’s quite challenging for me, a steady 8/10 for most parts but occasionally a 9/10 (maybe it’s ’cause I’m young?). I think everyone hates water-based dungeons/levels in video games. Let’s face it. Wind Waker is up to my game level, mostly 7/10 or 8/10 in difficulty, and perhaps easier on my second playthrough.

    But by far, Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask are the hardest for me…

    Excellent article.

  • ahhh,i remember those endless amount of days playing OoT.i got stuck on the Jabba’s belly level.I only died once on Dark Link which was weard…. anyway,I agree with wat u said about the items,like Naaryu’s Love,WTF ? I got my 1st Zelda game when i was 8 in the gamecube pack with four games in it. good times…… anyway the Spinner was DEFINATELY under used,right along with the Dominion Rod.I remember going into an open space and just press the Dominion Rod button and play racket ball next to a wall.i wish the designers the best of luck!


  • I can totally relate to this. Jabba was the difficult level for me in OoT, but i can see where you’re coming from. I was 5 when i first played OoT and probaly three when i go a link to the past. I found twilight princess very easy and saw repeating weak spots on enemies like the jewl on the bossos head, or the weird eye. But the thing is I still loved it.

  • lynana~

    i will admit, that the water temple is frustrating, but only because like you, i couldnt find that last darn key(song of time behind the long shot), and theres so many rooms i keep forgetting which one im supposed to go into. however morpha and dark-link wasnt that bad, because my brother urged me to get the biggorrons sword. i tell you, ive never played Ocarina of time until recently, because when my cousins play i got freaked out by the zombies and lack of camera angles(dont judge me im a girl >=T)yes i just about had a heart attack at the bottom of the well and shadow temple. i can't wait to see how the game ends though =D

    • Hanna

      The zombies the first time kept me up all night they scared the living daylights out of me i couldnt go any where in the game if it wasnt eluminated and when i was adult link in the city my only plan was run hard run fast and dont look back

  • don't be offended, its just my opinion, but i found this game quite easy. there were a few somewhat tough parts though (i made a topic about a dodgy big poe). to be honest, i havent been stuck in this game, ever, apart from master quest, where i had to play song of time on an invisible block of time. i PWNed morpha and i think it is an easy boss compared to some others. its just my opinion.

    i hated jaba-jaba's belly. weird dungeon, no real music, it was eww. i freaked out by da zombies (i'm a boy, but still….) and yeah…shdaow temple was freaky because of the pictures (two hands holding up a rotten head)

    • Hanna

      Ive never worked up the courage to go farther then the first room in then temple of shadow i always played on a finished game

  • Gohma’s_Armo

    Ocarina of Time is my all time favorite game. And yes… the Water Temple… hoo boy. I played OOT a second time through, actually excited to do the Water Temple, knowing I could do it like it was nothing… of course I got lost and didn’t know what I was doing. Water Temple= 3rd hardest game level I’ve ever played (although in Zelda there aren’t any levels…). Anyway, nice article.

  • Daniel

    First of all, terrific article — as well written and thought out as Hylian Dan’s “Message of Majora’s Mask”. Bravo.

    Anyway, I found everything you’ve said here relevant to me and my Zelda experience. I was introduced to Zelda at the age of five, playing OoT and trying to make sense of it all. Hard to believe that at one point, I actually thought my experience was original.

    As for the Water Temple: I’m embarrassed to say that after a previous one-year hiatus from OoT, I managed to repeat my old mistakes in the Water Temple (finding the room hidden under the floating platform took hours… AGAIN).

    An all-around great read; I’d be interested in finding more of your work.

  • Elliot

    I love this game, I thought the water temple was hard with the puzzles. Dark link was annoying and hard to beat but morphea was EASY AS HELL, I killed him without getting damaged, but everyone has his difficulties like I had the hardest time, like my hardest fights were Volvagia and Bongo Bongo.
    Still… great article

  • Too dumb for this

    I'm really sucky at puzzles and thinking, so that's why I'm so frustrated with this game. I mean, I'm still stuck at the forrest temple, and i can't even get through it with a strategy guide. So I'm basically wondering if there are any less "puzzly" zelda games for me to train on before attempting OOT again? Wonderful game anyway (as far as I've seen).

    • SpiritZelda

      so ur name is 'Too dumb for this'? if i had a wii or gamecube i MIGHT beat the game. but if i cant get pass something i just go on youtube & look it up.

    • Hanna

      Mu only thought is try Twilight Princess the puzzle like plot of OoT has always screwed with my head but i found that Twilight Rincess was easier

  • Fxeni

    Well, as someone who's a bit older, I guess that it makes sense that I always found OoT to be easy from the get-go. I never really died all that much, never acutally got a game over (until I did it purposefully just to see what it looked like), and I never had the problem of being stuck in the Water Temple like just about everyone else, for whatever reason. I have seen people struggle with the game though, and I can see why it would be difficult to some. The same goes to TP.

    As for games getting easier… well, it all depends on the game, really. Most are getting easier though, Zelda being no exception. I'm not just saying this out of person experience, either; I observe others playing these games more easily, whilst having issues with earlier entries in the same series. I think this is mainly because the majority of gamers aren't necessarily looking for just a challenge anymore, as was the case earlier on in the gaming history. Now stories and interaction with others are more at the forefront, overshadowing challenge in the process.

  • lolwut

    I think it's confusing how you people have had more trouble with Jabu Jabu's belly than with the damn forrest temple. I've just picked up the franchise, and everything was going fine until the forrest temple. I misplaced a key and i've been stuck ever since (6 months). I'm seriously this close to giving up.:D
    Great article.

  • zelda fan

    the hardest temple for me was the water temple because i can't get into any new rooms and i can not find any new keys.

  • Rogar

    I found Morpha pretty easy… after a couple goes through. I beat him without dying on my three heart challenge.
    Gandorf was fun to fight with 3 hearts and no half damage and without extra magic! It did make Ganon hard though… died twice but luckily i had 2 fairies.
    @ the age of 18 OoT was my first Zelda game and the 2nd one i beat. God I love that game!

  • Hyliandiety

    How is the Water Temple hard?

    You use the Megaton Hammer against Dark Link,

    It wasn’t really that confusing,

    and Morpha was pretty easy.

  • Link89

    My first Zelda games were The Legend of Zelda and Legend of Zelda II Adventures of Link. I managed to beat Zelda 1at the age of 4 or 5 on the old Nintendo which wasn't too complicated because there was no storyline so it was more like wonder off and find the dungeons. It would take me 16 years to beat AoL with large breaks in between because I couldn't figure out how to beat the damn boss before dark link in the last temple. I have beaten 12 of the 13 Zelda games with the exception of the 4 swords which I never bothered playing and which I don't even know if its even considered one of the main series game.
    My top 3 Zelda games are Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and A Link to the Past. Top 3 toughest were Adventures of Link, Majoras Mask, and Links Awakening. Links Awakening because killing Valor or whatever his name was took me forever with a level 1 sword. Most stressful temples Sky Temple (Twilight Princess) Water Temple( Ocarina of Time) last temple (Adventures of Link).

  • wildcat3264

    the water temple was (is) hard! always have my older sister do it for me. Shadow Link is fun to beat.

  • Alkunkunka

    Yeah, that's exactly what happened to me! I got it when I was like seven. I played it a lot, but I never went into the dungeons, because I had no idea where I had to go. My cousin came every so often and passed a different dungeon, which means that thanks to him, I got passed the fire temple as a child and that was it.

    I just killed Ganon, no less than a week ago, and when I did I felt like I had finally gone through a childhood fantasy. When I think about it, it was over seven years from when I last played it years ago, to when I finally beat it….which makes an interesting…..point in beating it now, I guess.

  • John

    i got this game when i was 8
    when i got to the water temple i got so frustrated and stuck…
    i loved the game up till that point, doing all the side quests and what not.
    but i just quit the game during the water temple. i just couldn't take it.
    now i am 20 years old.
    i spent the last week playing zelda again because i always wanted to beat it.
    the water temple still made me spew obscenities, but at last i am able to enjoy the credits =D

  • Jackie

    This game is still too hard for me, haven't finished it yet.

  • Gorona

    I have a different opinion about Morpha's difficulty. I had problems with Water Temple, too. It's final boss was a relief, though: I was really happy to face an easy boss after a hard temple. It just had it's own strategy and when you figured it out it was easy. This is exactly why I like Zelda bosses in general.

  • andrew sussingham

    I personally believe that we are getting used to the zelda like gameplay. When I played Twiglight Princess (my first zelda game) I found it incredibly difficult. Now, when I play games like MM and OoT they are very easy.
    I believe this is because our mindset has changed when we play Zelda games. I now realize, when i play MM and OoT that I must pay attention to every little detail in a dungeon, or I will fail. I also believe that because of iur experience we know that we must think backwards in order to solve puzzles. and unlock other rooms. Finally, we understand that we must try every item we have on any object, wall, or enemy we see in order to advance in the game.
    Clearly stated, its not that the difficulty has gotten easier it's just that we've trained ourselves to look for miniscule objects inside the dungeons to help us advance in the Zelda dungeons

    AJ Suss

    ( im typing this on an ipod so sorry for any mistakes)

  • MisterSandman

    I'm 13 and started out with OoT and WW. But I think that games are getting easier. I beat TP, but I still can't beat the first game. It's not even because of the puzzles it's because of the enemies. They're just too difficult for me. But all the puzzles of the Zelda universe are easy, they're all very similar.

  • Wolfhedgehog


    In all seriousness, great article. i did almost the exact same thing though. started with Links awakening (though i got aLOT further than the second) but i never finished it. then i picked up OoT………..ahh the nostalgia…… i loved the game, until that darn water temple……..effin key behind the wall….. and ruto knew i bet….. im going to enjoy replaying this classic in a few days..

    thanks nintendo for the great game, cant wait for it in 3d W00t

  • off point

    dear nintendo make games that are not so cartoonish i mean is it so bad to want better games look at nintendogs and cats a lot of people have pets so why want a fake one i want better games and harder games more zelda less crap. im wasting my time.

  • pseoane

    Man, all I can say, when I read this article of yours, made me remind of those days struggling thru the Water Temple, those years, weekends, when I didn't stop playing that awesome MOST-beautilf game I've ever played in my entire life! Very well done my friend and I totally agree with you on gaming this days, has become almost like a cycle, young people will play today's games, we got to play awesome games like OoT and many others, it end up beign a cycle.
    Nice job with this writing, each letter you typed in, made me put a smile in my face and say to me "GODDAMN! this is my man!" Have a nice day dude

  • OoTgamer

    Awesome Article!! I have always struggled with the water temple. Even now when i have completed it 10++ times the water temple still boggles my mind. I find that very well done in a game. All the other temples are a walk in the park. I think The reason why OoT was such a Mind blowing, Awesome and beautiful game is because it was balanced perfectly.

    The areas are very well separated, when The owl, or Navi says go to the forest, death mountain the castle etc you always know where to go. That is not the hard part. The hard part is in the puzzles the side quests, the dungeons, the bosses, the minions I could go on forever.

    In differense from Tp. In That game i felt when you first found your way it was all easy peasy, so you finished quick and were headed to another place, all the time. I used so much energy going around places i had already been before.. It was very irritating.

    I can honestly say that In OoT you won’t die so many times. For me the minions are kind of easy because of the well made z-targeting, But love logical Puzzles, and in OoT There are a lot! I actually think Us kids that grew up with Zelda have become Smarter logically than Kids these days. All they do is play Run and gun games like CoD.

    In addition i will say that the persons in zelda is very well made, They have such strong personalities, and i felt attached to each and every one of the main characters. In TP i feel all the persons have disappeared and the “main characters” are all Funny looking and hard to recognize and get attached to.

    Please reply so i can hear other peoples views on this πŸ˜€

    Again very good article. Loved it because i recognized the troubles πŸ™‚

    • Hanna

      Loved the article and despite being one of the kids of the new generation have to agree with your points i am horrible with logic and still after nine freeking years havent finished OoT but i have to ask who thinks Navi is the most********* anoying thing ever created the only reason i ever listen to her is to stop her ( i think its a her ) from saying" hey listen "in that bright cheerful voice grrr she is so annoying

  • Triforce Tom

    I have to say that as a Zelda fan, Ocarina of Time is the hardest game I have played yet. My first console was a gamecube so I played Wind Waker first. The only time I ever got a game over was when i tried to kill the pigs on Windfall and I found it relatively straightforward. I then played Twilight Princess with little difficulty. Part of the reason these are so much easier is because of controls. You don't realize how much a panning camera, and (good) l-targeting can make a difference. Also, Midna, Tetra, and The King of Red Lions give prety obvious hints all throughout. Navi is a ditzy fairy who doesn't do any good except getting you to a dungeon, and Saria stops helping when she becomes a sage.

    Probably my biggest pet peeve though is in OoT you loose an absurd amount of health any time you are injured. One swipe from a boss or mini boss costs at least three hearts, and that's if you're lucky. In the gamecube Zelda games bosses do less damage and every boss chamber has a supply of hearts just in case. I must admit (ashamedly) that without the internet and the biggoron sword, I would still be stuck at shadow link.

  • I agree, I love this game so much I am going to die!
    By the way, what is weird is that I have already played this game before!
    Where is the walkthrough by the way

  • xXAznsavageXx

    I'd have to say that this game is a good game

  • brian torres

    I still play tis game today

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  • Hanna

    So i was born in 2000 and henceforth am now13 o was hooked when i saw my bro playing this game when i was about 3 i always begged him to beat Gannondorf(?) one more time. The first time i played was on his file i loved it at the age of 5 i tried my only level i bombed in the deku tree a year ago i tried again and still just could not figure it out so i took a break and since id recently purchased Twilight Princess played that i breezed theough to the second main temple i guess you could call it in less then a day when my N64 broke (thanks a lot telus repair guy he was inestalling a satelight and somehow broke it ) i was devastated relizng even if i bought another id have to wait for my bro to finish it that is till i learned that Oot stores all memory on the card and i could just buy a new system and start where i left off i dont know if its the wonderful music envolved in the game or the amaizing plot but even when it gave me night mares ( the first time i became adult link) i kept playing . I dont know what it is but something in the games design managed to draw in the attention of a finicky 3 year old girl this is by far the best game ive ever played
    Thanks Jeff your the best brother a girl could have

    • Hanna

      I forgot to mension that the one reason it still crushes me is the fact that my N64 was in mint condition and a first edition and hence forth had a lot of value both centimentaly and other wise it worked the morning just before the worker from telus arrived after in the afternoon when i tried to play it it wouldnt work so i will always hold a grudge against the telus company for as i see it destroying my gaming experience for a year and a half now

  • Caitlin

    I didn’t play OoT (the GameCube conversion) until I was in my mid teens, having already beaten TP and WW easily. I was expecting it to be a breeze. Holy hell, was I wrong. Now at 20 years old I’m on my second play through, finding the courage to take it on again, and wanting (proving) to my fiancΓ© that YES! it’s a horrifyingly difficult game. Now I’m no gamer noob. I have NEVER had a use a walkthrough for ANY game except this. I’m sure some of you would chastise me for that, but I cannot fathom how anyone could ever think to figure out some of those temples. How was I supposed to know what room to go in when there are four different choices, or to get a key from some tiny, hidden room that will go to a door all the way across the dungeon after I’ve already unlocked so many others on the path to get to it?? Kudos to those who managed this mindfuck on their own, but I’ve never known anyone who could do it without help. I just have to conclude that at least in terms of Zelda games, they are getting significantly easier than they were in the past.

  • Qvistus

    There are lots of insanely hard things in OoT. How could you ever know that you have to wake Talon with a cuckoo you get from Malon, who is just a random girl in the Hyrule market or how would you know you have to put a fish in a bottle and release it in front of Jabu Jabu? When my friend played OoT he constantly phoned me and asked for help. I gave Zelda tutorials to him while sitting in a bus.

  • darllinkrocks

    hmm maybe we really are more experienced gamers but i'm fourteen and still have an n64 and when I play Oot on that, as opposed to the 3Ds, the 3Ds version is much easier'. Especially the controls it's probably just me but this is my opinion in this instance.

  • WInd_Emissary

    Is so sad how the designers keep making easier and easier the games on these days, I saw a comparision between OoT and OoT3D and the water temple was completely messed up, the hard puzzles like the switches behind the door they open were gone and the switches were placed right there at plain sight and the water level adjustment areas were marked with colors to indicate the user at which level the water is adjusted there. SOO LAME imhp

  • I honestly found the Water Temple to be one of the easier temples (along with the Shadow Temple). Simple going up and down, up and down to raise levels. It just felt very linear.

  • I didn’t even understand what was going on; who pays that much attention to the story at seven years old? Why was I in a tree? What am I supposed to be looking for? These questions and more were popping up in my head as I played.

  • Aj

    Great article. Loved it.

  • poops magee

    sounds like your were ‘slowly’ developing child i was seven at the time and got it for christmas as well and beat the game in like 6 days.

    • guest


    • Maeve

      nice job poops, good comment