Ah, Ocarina of Time. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow you will turn ten. Soon enough you’ll be off to high school, you’ll be growing hair in weird places and start getting those funny feelings towards girls. They grow up so fast! Zelda has gone from a tiny pixelated wasteland to a GameFAQs battle-winning, gamer heart-capturing icon.

This is a monumental occasion, and we’re going to celebrate it right with articles by Power Shot and site staff, site updates, sprucing ups with images and video content galore, all happening tomorrow at various points throughout the day. It’s our way of thanking Nintendo for creating the greatest game series on the planet, and perfecting its 3D incarnation ten years ago – as huge Zelda fans (duh), we can only look back on the last ten years and smile.

Also, I feel old thinking it’s been ten freaking years, and even more years than that since I picked up my first Zelda game, Link’s Awakening. But that’s a story for some other time.

But there’s probably some stuff you don’t know about OoT yet, so stick around. Maybe you’ll find something out you never knew, or simply learn to appreciate Zelda a little bit more than you already do (as if that were possible).