The Mailbag for October 29, 2008 is contained within:

Naokohiro writes:

1. I really hope they make a new Zelda game like Majora’s Mask. That game is epic.

2. I’m wondering what your next website poll will be.

3. Ever thought of featuring interesting forum topics on the main page?

4. All of my friends think that the Nintendo DS is a waste of time and that the PSP is far superior. Of course, I don’t agree, and I like the technology. I wonder what some pros and cons of the two systems are.

5. What do you think is a good DS game that no one ever talks about?

6. Is there any upcoming DS game(s) that you are anticipating?

7. Is there a top-ten list of Zelda babes? (The hottest women among all games of the series.)

8. I’m curious as to the difference between and

That’s all for this time, I guess. Pretty unorganized, but I have to go now.

James writes:

Alright, first of all, adding numbers… now.

1. I’m really surprised at all the Majora’s Mask talk lately. It truly makes me want to go home right now and pop in the cartridge and start playing. That game is really well done and it’s a shame a lot more people don’t realize that.

2. I don’t know what it will be. Maybe we’ll change it soon, not sure.

3. Well, the problem with that is one person’s opinion on interesting doesn’t interest another. A new post feature on the main site would work, but we would have to integrate WordPress and the forums together to get that effect.

4. I cannot advocate on the PSP, as I have never played one. But, I do know a little about it to give you an idea on why he thinks that. He probably is thinking that because he loves the fact he can take his game system and MP3 player in the same piece of equipment. He probably is not a puzzle person, because the DS is mainly a puzzle game machine. You could argue with me on that, but the DS is mostly marketed to the gamer who likes Sudoku, Professor Layton, and Brain Age type games. That help?

5. Professor Layton and the Curious Village. No question. I am not a huge fan of puzzles, because most tend to confuse me, but I loved that game a lot. It was really well done, the difficulty of the puzzles ranged perfectly, and the story was awesome as well. I am looking forward to the sequel and the unique puzzles they have for that one.

6. I really don’t know what’s coming out anymore, because I am busy. But let me go check. Looking at this list so far, maybe Chrono Trigger, because I started playing that but never finished. Maybe Chinatown Wars, because I want to start playing a GTA game. Definitely the Kingdom Hearts game, and hopefully it isn’t horrible like Chain of Memories was (you can’t tell me you loved that card system). That’s probably it.

7. I don’t have one. Do you?

8. The Wikia is not run by Zelda Universe, while ZU is affiliated with the Wiki, along with other sites as well.

Chain of Termina writes:

Hey! Long-time-no-see, or, uh, Long-time-no-mailbag-submition-thingy…(you know what i mean)
any hoo, i had yet aother of my random ad wacky ideas! what if they made a zelda RPG? huh? great idea? isn’t it? imean COME ON! zelda could tottaly pull off a RPG. you could choose your race(Goron, Hylian, Zora, Kokiri, Rito, etc), you cold choose your weapon style (2 haded or 1 handed), you could buy a house in Kakariko or Hyrule Castle own, the possibilities are endless! I admit that it wouldbe similar to oblivion, but hey, that was a great game! what do you think? wouldn’t that be tottaly awsome? has there even been rumors about this? they made many mario rpgs, why ot zelda? I don’t care hat anyone says ZELDA IS JUST AS GOOD AS IF NOT BETTER THAN MARIO!!! i want a zelda rpg! 🙁 whine!

on a side note, i wrote and submitted an adition to the interactive story like 2 days ago. I know you’re busy with more important stuff and 2 days is hardly enough time to focus on minor issues, but i’m just wondering, when will you put that up, if at all?

see ya later! and may the triforce be with you!

James writes:

In my opinion, Zelda is an adventure/RPG hybrid. There are elements of an adventure game, in that you have to go on a grand adventure to save the princess at the end. The RPG element is the buying of goods, fighting (all RPG’s do not have a turn based combat system, think FFXII), and the fact you have to rely on allies from here and there. So, in a way you have one. But that’s my opinion.

KittyCat writes:

Each Zelda game that comes out, I always feel like “Okay, this is going to be the big one! This one’s gonna blow me away and be my favorite!” But each time there was something that really disappointed me, and I think it’s because I expect too much.

And anyway, as more time goes by I like each game more and more (guess I’m addicted to nostalgia…) so I think the best way to anticipate a new Zelda is to stop putting so much pressure on it, even though the hype is part of the fun, but I think to a certain degree hype can ruin the experience of actually playing it – instead of just enjoying the gameplay, I end up saying “How does this measure up to what I expected?”

The other big way of ruining a game is to find out too much about it before it comes out. I did this with Twilight Princess, so it’s my own fault, and I want to warn everyone. I found out almost everything about TP and saw all the screenshots months before I got it because I just couldn’t wait, but when i finally got the game I was let down because there where so few surprises left – and Zelda games are all about surprises and discovering things on your own. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking at some pre-release screenshots, just don’t be like me: have some self-control and patience.

There has been such a lack of Zelda news it seems like any day now the flood gates will open and the new game will be announced, and I want to get the best experience possible out if the next one – without expecting too much and ruining all the surprises!

Have you ever been let down with a new Zelda because you knew or expected too much? How do you experience the hype of an upcoming Zelda title, is it part of the fun for you? What would ruin the next game for you?

James writes:

Your experience is my experience every time. I ruin my gaming experience every time because I want to know everything about the game before it comes out, so when it does, there is nothing left to know. I have told myself over and over again to stop looking at everything on the net, but I end up doing it anyway. When I was working at ZU more, it was at the hype of TP. I ruined my gaming experience by reporting all the news, but I took that sacrifice because I wanted to give the info to everyone who wanted to know. So, I know where you are coming from.

Sonicveteran writes:

Oh I don’t own that website, but it’s my favorite one because I can post my work without being ridiculed.

I have a really good question for any hard core Nintendo fan. Why does it seem that Nintendo is afraid of the future? So far all the new home consols have embraced the benefits of HD except for Nintendo. I mean if TP’s graphics were so awesome without it (Also concider it was made using the GAMECUBE’s graphics system) think how amazing it would be with it.

Let’s have some examples shal we? Nintendo has always said that they love to try new things. Especially if it farthers the realizm of gameplay. They’ve already proved that with the Wii’s awesome remote style. But wait, they have an awesome game like TP using the gamecubes system programing on both systems? HD is another example. I mean sure Nintendo probably believes that “good” graphics are just icing on the cake. But maybe it’s cause they know there are a few people that don’t have or can’t afford a digital tv. But there’s a much larger majority of people that do. I mean, alotta people (this’s just my opinion) are probably buying ps3 because of it’s little dvd computer sized hard drive combo. And that a lot of people are buying xbox for the impressive amount of games with online content. Well whatever the reason for not doing it is. I’m sure Nintendo will open up to HD eventually.

James writes:

I know you don’t own, but it doesn’t mean I can have people debate whether it’s a good idea or not.

I am a very hardcore old school gamer, so the graphics don’t do it for me. If the gameplay works, the graphics are the icing like Nintendo thinks. I am sometimes awed at some of the graphics these games have nowadays, but the game sucks because the controls are horrible, or the story is just plain awful, or the camera doesn’t work. Therefore, Nintendo is doing the right thing in that department.

However, you are right in the idea that they are not facing the future. But, you also have to remember that the Wii was the most demanded console on the market since it came out, so that must mean they are doing something right. Nintendo is more geared to pleasing all people, while Sony and Microsoft are looking out for the “true gamer”. It’s bad, but it works to an extent.

Justin writes:

when will the next zelda game come out 09, 08 ect.

James writes:

No idea, just keep checking us out to find out.

Leroy writes:

If Nintendo would consider to quit with the Zelda series, what would be your first thought.

And, how do you think Zelda fans will react?

James writes:

I thought I answered this… They will never quit the series because a) a lot of fans love the game (search The Legend of Zelda in Google and get back to me) and b) it’s a cash cow and why would you want to stop the flow of income into the company?

If they did quit, Zelda fans would go nuts. Petitions would be formed and people would complain to the get the game back, and it would probably work.

Sonicveteran writes:

Hey did anyone notice that almost all of the newer consols look like OTHER hardware? Let’s see, the xbox (Known for it’s amazing hard drive online content, and crazy graphics card) looks a bit like a desktop computer tower. It’s got a curved shape to it. But if you look at it next to a “real” tower, they’re almost the same. Next the ps3 (known for it’s “blue ray” functionallity) when turned horizontally looks like a glorified dvd player with a gaming consol added to it. The “recent” playstation portable looks a bit like the “new” apple I phone. You know, the one that’s basically a hand held that can play movies, and call your friends with? The wii is a bit hard though. Although it’s colored differently than the ps3 and it doesn’t have the functions of ether xbox or ps3. The wii looks a lot like a mix of both. Also the ds, it looks like those flip screen phones with a keyboard for typing. (the only real differance being the shape of the casing and it’s function xD)

Nowadays I wonder if anyone can come up with a truly original design. And you people thought Hollywood was bad!

So next time you see a gaming system that does a lions roar over its “new design.” Take a peek around at all the other high tech gizmos out there. You might find some devices that look quite similar. I know I’m going to get a lotta hate mail for pointing that out. But it is true.

James writes:

I just have to say that you are looking WAY into this. But did you think about what you just said? Microsoft is a computer company, they specialize in computer software. Of course their console would look like a computer tower. Sony is more known for TVs and VHS/DVD players, so that’s why their console looks the way it does. All the handhelds will look like some sort of phone because they are compact and used for the same purpose.

Sage_of_Stars writes:

I love that ZU has a Halloween theme. Will something similar happen for Christmas/Holiday Season/Winter?

James writes:

More than likely, because it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Jeff Stelling writes:

Do you know why Zelda Blog is down and when it will be back up?

James writes:

Didn’t even know it was down, hold on. Nope, couldn’t tell you. Just keep checking it out and hopefully they will be back soon.