Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months, you should know about the economic crisis facing the world. Most of this can be attributed to the US and the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Most of you under 18, though, could probably care less. Although, if the economy tanks, how does Nintendo create games? Or what if they create them, but then have to sell them for extremely high prices just to turn a small profit?

What would you do if your family couldn’t afford games anymore? Would you cry? Would you even care?  Of course you would. Why come to a Zelda site and not care about gaming even a little? Well there is a bit of good news. Hit the jump to find out why.

Miyamoto was interviewed on Channel 4, he explains on how Gaming can survive this economic crisis.

“We need to eat in order to live – that’s our first priority,” Miyamoto said. “But entertainment and the enrichment of our souls must come in second place … Nintendo’s mission is to take advantage of improving cheaper technology to create reasonable and affordable entertainment. It’s very good value.”

It looks like he thinks that games and entertainment come second to the basic needs of life. In the meantime, Nintendo’s stock (NTDOY) has fallen $0.35 down to $38.95 per share, down from over $50/share last week. I wonder how all of you feel?

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  • ZantDarksage

    Why do I feel like new games are going to make me feel sorry for them because they’re badly made and come in bright orange save-dollar-cases ): lol.

  • Derek

    Playing games is my method of staying alive. Without games to play, I’d die from starvation and of hepatitis C.

  • Wait, they’re going to use cheap technology for making games?

    • Anonymous

      Well I don’t believe that they’re going to decrease the quality of their games… I’m sure they’ll find a way to manage without having to resort to that.

  • lftenjamin

    I doubt it, but it is Nintendo, so you never know…

  • Vawn08

    ….I think you mean “attributed”, not “contributed”…

    And yeah, I think he means this as improving on less expensive technologies to make them proform better, not just “use cheap technology”. We use this concept all the time in the PC gaming world….it’s called overclocking (forcing an often less-expensive component to run at the proformance levels of a higher-end component)

  • Hoshika-Pichu

    I think by “cheap” he meant stuff that’s not overly expensive. :

  • Jason’s Grammar Checking Service has fixed up the Grammar in this Post, but has not added unnecessary Capital Letters.

    Also, I added in some info about Nintendo’s stock. As a Nintendo shareholder, I’m panicking over the falling stock prices. It used to be $80/share, and now it’s $38. All the money I had made investing in Nintendo is down the crapper because of this economic crisis. 🙁

  • The wolf howling on the mountains in the distance, the witch and the cat at the top of the page, the bats, dead trees, and the full moon.
    I think that’s all right?
    Anyway, it looks epic!