Looks like some fella has figured out how to wire the DS hardware to two hefty-sized tablet PC screens. The result is quite a bit of awesomeness, so read on for a spectacular video demonstration.

The DS, as you can see from the picture in this post, is more than heavily modified – it’s downright torn apart and rebuilt. Okay, perhaps not that radically rearranged, but it’s one heck of a mod job. Supposedly this bad boy can also dump screenshots straight to a PC via a serial port and record what’s going on on-screen in a video file.

  • ZantDarksage

    This is reeally old, but yeah it's crazy. I saw this ages ago – it would be nice to have an official thing like this. Like how they made the screen addon for the GCN.

  • franky-du

    That was so cool

  • Yeah, that is cool!

  • it was uber cool 🙂

  • Azerik

    To quote franky-du: it was UBER cool!

  • Master Jedi

    That would make PH and other games so much easy to play. I want one!

  • Sonicveteran& zfan121

    If I were nintendo products manager i’d be pulling me hair out right now! lol But yeah, they have a game making program that allowes you to use the wii remote to play fanmade computer games with them. You need an extera dll and a bit more programing smarts, but that’s besides my point! I avn’t tried it myself (No bluetooth device T-T) but i here it’s awesome! They’ve even made Halo games with it!