I’m prematurely ending the donation drive so I can use that space to work with Derek on new spots for ads, which once we’re done tweaking things will ultimately support the site and new server without donations. I realized that I don’t truly need a full year with the new server to figure out an ad scheme – I can make due with three and a half months, and I have full confidence that Derek and I will be able to work together to figure out a new way for ZU to support itself, without sapping money from its community.

Thanks everyone who donated – you guys made the initial server move possible, and ZU forever thanks you for increasing its speed a million fold (okay, maybe not a million, but it’s pretty darn fast). Now it’s up to me to do my part and make ZU work in such a way that I’ll never have to ask for donations again.

You’ll see some of the ads around the site change during the next few months while I experiment with lots of different things. Eventually, I’ll notice that one way starts working better than another way, and that’ll be that. Thanks for everything, guys 🙂