The mailbag for October 15, 2008 is contained within:

Paul writes:

A few months you ran an article about the themes in Majora’s Mask, and I thought it was great. Will there ever be another article like that?

James writes:

I don’t know which article you are talking about, but we are also open to posting numerous articles on whatever. I am hopefully going to end up writing an article, but when remains to be seen.

cyrus writes:

i was wondering if any one else feels that oot is a tad overrated and mm a tad underrated.i mean people talk about how great oot is but i almost never here any one praise my personal favorite game of all time and i am curious what people hate about it. also i am curious was there ever any footage screenshots etc of mystical seed of courage or four swords ds
p.s tp is way overrated

James writes:

I think that reason that Ocarina is so overrated is due to the fact that it was the first 3d Zelda game ever. That usually wins over fans right there. Take a look at Super Mario 64. Galaxy was being compared to THAT because mainly due to the fact that it was the first 3D Mario game. Majora’s Mask is under the rader because of the fact that it was “shorter” than Ocarina in terms of story, but it made up for it with more side quests that Ocarina. You probably like the game because there is more to do, correct? Well, more people want the story handed to them and not worry about the side tasks. TP (which I now disagree with you) blended both perfectly in my opinion. It had a MONSTER storyline, numerous dungeons and puzzles, plenty of side quests to hold over the player, and it was fun.

As for the Mystical Seed of Courage: I don’t think any screenshots were posted mainly because it was scrapped even before it was made. They couldn’t figure out how to triple the password system instead of double it. Four swords DS I have never seen a screenshot either.

Leroy writes:

Say James, would it be a good idea for making an amazing 3D game (Better than TP in graphics) with 8 bit music?

James writes:

No, because I think 3D games need better music. I think that may be the old school gamer talking in me, but that’s my opinion.

Gregdawg08 writes:

Are you going to but the DSi? I was a bit dissapointed by it, and I already have a DS, so I don’t feel much of a need to buy it.

James writes:

I am not going to but it, nor will I buy it. I find that my original DS is still working perfectly enough that I don’t feel the need to buy this new one. I only buy new systems, not remakes of old ones.

Sir New Link writes:

So just wondering….what are your thoughts on the timline? in general what do you think?

James writes:

I am a firm believer that there is no big timeline and that the Ocarina timeline (The one that encompasses OoT, MM, tWW, PH, and TP) is the only one that exists. The fact that those games are the only ones to really be linked in game is my proof.

Fraser writes:

Hey ZU, long im a long time follower of Zelda Universe just not realy active but anyways, on a video on youtube someone commented that nintendo were 43% of the way through a sequel to links awakening and then they scrapped it to focus on the nintendo 64 is there any truth in this?

James writes:

I have never heard that, but if you can send me the video I will take a look at it and let you know what I think.

  • LuX

    I don’t think OoT is overrated but MM is certainly underrated. MM was a fantastic Game and carried the torch of Zelda from OoT superbly and to be honest if there was 2 or 3 more temples (possibly 1 :S) then I think it would of beat OoT. Ithink TP was awesome also really great just didnt quite clinch holy ground for me, I missed the Magic bar so much and the bosses were too easy and it seemed old for its time, but it was full of fantastic new ideas that were carried out brilliantly can’t wait for the next Zelda :D:D

    Oh and you guys must of heard of GC games being remade for the Wii, well, is their anyone else who would love for WW to be one of those games? Sailing with the Wii pad? Also using Links items such as the deku leaf and the grappling hook? yes please :D:D

    • Hoshika-Pichu

      Am I the only one who thinks WW will lose its charm that way…?

  • BrokenLink

    Am I the only one who thinks WW will lose its charm that way…?

    aye i agree… WW is only for gamecube.

  • MegaLinkX

    Majoras Mask was an EXCELLENT game… It gets a bad rap because too many people saw the three day time limit and gave up on it too fast… not realizing they could reset time.

    Also, Twilight Princess was super badass, but I need more!!!! More Zelda games!!!!

  • Sonicveteran& zfan121

    I’m with you MegaLinkX. I mean the next zelda game should have BETTER graphics if that’s possible. (Then again Nintendo hasn’t tried HD yet.) At the very least the music has to be a bit awesomer. TP’s MP3’s Rank right up there with the works of Toshiru Masuda (responsible for Naruto music) and dare I say it, the incredible works of George Lucas. If anything else the bosses need to be harder and the weakpoint needs to not be so obvious it makes my eyes bleed. (it really does, ESPECIALLY in TP!) Ether way the next zelda title wether it’s project deluge or even my idea. (see latest mailbag post) It’s sure to please any hard core fan.