Alright, guys, we’re up and running smoothly! If you didn’t notice a SIGNIFICANT jump in ZU’s speed, you’re just crazy! ZU loads in less than a second for now; uncached in less than three seconds. I’m on a cable connection, so give me some reports about load time for other connection speeds. Derek and I will still be working to optimize the main site and make it even faster (if that’s even imaginable – less than a second!!).

As of right now, both of ZU’s servers are up and running properly, I just need to finish editing the database configuration for the forums and for Zelda to get them connected to the new database server. Once that’s done, everything should just work without issues. I’ll run over the forums and make sure things are intact before opening them up, and then you can all flood the forums as much as you want – ZU shouldn’t be going down again, ever.

THANK you so much everyone for dealing with this. ZU’ll be getting back to its normal news and content now – we’ve got the Link’s Crossbow Training section pretty much done, so you’ll be seeing that relatively soon. In addition, there are more PH visual guide parts (four total – one per day starting today!) coming out as well. And of course, the general barrage of news and such.

We’re at $789 right now – keep the donations coming, and I’ll do my part by making sure ZU becomes permanently economically viable. I know some people hate to see a fan site care so much about cash, but sometimes you just have to! šŸ˜›