UPDATE: The forums have been fully repaired. Go check ’em out yourself!

UPDATE: I have spoken with Jason, and lemme just give some details.

Jason had to take down the forums to repair the database of posts, which was corrupted from yesterdays server meltdown

He thought it was fully repaired, but it turns out he was wrong.  ZU should be up in about an hour or two, so please be patient everybody. Jason also wants it made clear that this has nothing to do with the new server, but as a result of problems with the old one! The new server should begin to prevent these kinds of things from happening.

You can always join the chat room, with the forum link down, because the forum is a mess

A link for the chat can be found here

Just click the drop down box and select #zelda

With Jason not around, I figured I should at least tell our viewers what is going on, even though not many of you, who frequent the forum, read the main site.

Basically The forums are kind of glitched right now, I don’t know if it had something to do with the new server or not, as I have not been able to contact Jason. (shhhh I’m posting this without consent I may get shot, so don’t tell on me 😛 )

Pretty much you can not post, but you can create new topics, a really weird bug. I am posting here to ask members to not abuse any of it, to make clean up easier.

So yea, here is to hoping the forums are up and running soon.