Tomorrow’s the day, folks. Rumors have been flying around for quite a while about a new fangled DS that should hit shelves, well, sometime soon, and the purported new features span everything from bigger screens to a built-in camera – and at this point, we’re content to just sit back and let the magic unfold. Speculation like this hasn’t been seen since the last Apple keynote.

And, speaking of Apple, this new DS updated is supposedly targeting the iPhone, which has become the ubiquitous convergence device. The DS currently lags behind the iPhone in extendability, ease of software acquisition, and touch screen size, accuracy and capability. If Nintendo is truly going after the iPhone’s remarkable touch screen, they’ll have to pull something big out of their expensive top hats.

Nintendo has already issued a statement neither confirming or denying the existence of this new DS, leaving many fans to assume that the DS will be announced tomorrow. Of course, even if a new DS is announced, there’s no guarantee it will ship immediately, or even before the holiday season, but as Engadget writer Darren Murph pints out, it would be a huge blunder not to release this before Christmas.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some sort of update about Iwata’s announcement – be it a new DS or nothing spectacular at all.

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