I have been directed towards this page by a friend. Now it is in all Japanese, and sure you can use Google translator, but my same friend translated it for me, and Nintendo fans may be in for a treat. Hit the jump to find out more.

This comes from a Japanese economics magazine called Nikkei, and they have speculated on a new DS, with the ability to play music, and take digital photos. The main reason? To compete with the Apple iPhone.

They even named a price, which is somewhere around 190 USD. I know most of you have heard about the Press conference that Nintendo is going to have in this upcoming week. Do you think it could be announced?

Thank you to forum member Jizzy for directing me to this. His translation can be found on this link to hyrule.net (http://hyrule.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=8541).

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  • Aniday

    Really? To compete with the iPhone.. and not the PSP?

    The iPhone is a completely different device. Sure.. Apple is encouraging more game apps recently but when you think “I want a handheld video game thing” you don’t think “Oh!… I’ll get an iPhone!” You think “Oh! I’ll get a PSP or a DS!”

    I wanna see how good these supposed new features are. If they suck… I’m going to laugh.

  • Sam

    If THIS is what they announce, and not some bloody new games for the Wii, Sam is going to be very upset.

    I would LOVE Mp3 playback on my DS (provided it does it as good as an actual MP3 player), but a camera is going too far.

    Phones with Camera annoy me enough as it is. Don’t waste space and money on putting one into the DS.

  • G-P-L14

    This is probable, but I’d rather see a zelda game.

  • sammie

    I would like to see a new Zelda game then a new Ds but that’s just me.

  • Nagrom

    remind me what’s wrong with the old DS? the first one was too chunky and the DS lite seems just fine to me. I hate it when they replace things that work just fine…

    And why would I need a camera? I mean, it sound cool, I’ll admit. But still. That logic evades me.

  • a CAMERA? compete w/the IPHONE? the DS is no phone! im not annoyed by cameraphones (much),but it was made for games, and i expect games for it. music-playing ability would be nice though.