The forum rules were long growing out of date and didn’t have quite enough clarity, so we extensively rewrote them. Please read the updated rules if you’re a forum member – most of it will be what you already know, but a good deal of it clarifies what we’d like to and what we wouldn’t like to see on ZU.

  • morval Erasmus

    actually I would like to make a suggestion:

    All moderators are required by ZU law to PM or email (in the event that the e-mail is made public by the user in question) a user when they have been blocked from viewing certain threads and that all ZU users are to be provided with logical explanations as to why they are individually blocked from viewing certain threads.

  • Cody

    :< Jason's a tricksy one indeed!

  • Morval

    aww, now the forums are down.
    *sad face*
    and why is the update magically written by jason when before it said written by Cody?

    Me smell fishy tricksy hobbitses.

    *ghchollum ghchollum*