This new poll is in regards to the direction that ZU’s content will be taking next after LCT and TRR are finished. Be sure to give your opinions. :3

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  • phantomgannon

    No way should those be added! Have you seen them? there terrible! And Its not like anyone still plays them. so no one needs info on them. I think ZU should do the other Smash games. It only makes sense.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      This coming from the guy who misspelled Ganon. Seriously, they corrected it in the GBA remake, it was a mistranslation (damn Gannon University). Oh, yeah, and GANNON-BANNED ( for two things actually, one of the edits they’ve made was, guess what, DISSING THE CD-I GAMES WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING THEM!

      Yeah, they animations crappy and the final boss fight is plain retarded, but I think it deserves a section.

      • phantomgannon

        I know how to spell it. I have probably been playing Zelda longer than you. Phantomganon was already taken as a user name, so I go by Phantomgannon. lots of people spell things different for user names.

        • Triforce of the Gods

          I grew up with ALttP during the SNES era (My name is the real title for ALttP;NoA censored it). The only way you could have been playing Zelda longer than me is if you grew up with LoZ/AoL in the NES era, which I highly doubt.

          • Phantomgannon

            The point is, its just user name. You cant judge my knowledge of Zelda on my spelling… Also, just because your old doesn’t mean you have played more Zelda than me. But it does make it more pathetic that your arguing with me over this topic.

  • LoL. I know them back and forth because I make videos with them. Yeah, they stink, and are the worst Zelda games(even though they are not real Zelda games of Nintendo). But, it would be good to have a Zelda Cd-i section with small info and clips. Who doesen’t like Morshu and his MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! There needs to be a “They stink, but there should be a litte info on them” option.

  • lys

    more content is always better than less.

    even when it comes to the Unholy Triforce.