A funny prank video that I saw, that mentions Zelda and Mario characters, so I figured, why not?

Monster Insurance anyone?

Insurance Pitch Prank

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  • LoL.
    Mario and Link should buy that monster insurance.XD

  • Triforce of the Gods

    That was hilarious. And I mean the whole thing, not just the Zelda/Mario part.

    Who did this? This is, by far, the best prank call I have ever heard.

  • Hydraboxdog

    Lol, poor woman. She should’ve realized from the start that it wasn’t real insurance.

  • Master jedi

    That is the best prank call ever. I know a lot of people who would actuality fall for the Halo 3 insurance.

  • Nagrom

    That was funny but I kind of feel bad for that old woman. She started to sound kind of annoyed towards the end. Why didn’t she hang up the phone sooner? hahaha!

  • Anonymous

    That wasn’t funny at all.

    • How is that not funny? It wasn’t mean to the lady. In fact, she knew it was a joke at the end and started laughing a bit. That was great!

  • ChainofTermina

    Oh yes it was!
    That was hilarious!!
    Although I’d like to see the insurance that could stop Ganon

    • What about Gerudo theft insurance? That could come in handy!