The mailbag for August 31, 2008 is contained within:

Cyrus writes:

hi me again fresh from importing tingles rpg (i am to lazy to write the full name) and i was wondering in the wind waker what does that map fish dude me by i have repayed my debt and number two is there a reason that nintendo stopped using many long time characters after the oracle games and even more after minsh cap
as always thanks for your time

James writes:

Hey, it’s OK.  I would not want to spell out that entire name myself.

As for Mr. Fish Dude, I would believe he has a debt with either the King himself or he did something for the original Link that he needed to pay.  You could also see it as maybe he is a Zora descendant, and they did something to the Hyrulians that a debt needed to be paid.  There is no other context in the game though to tell us what.

Secondly, I don’t know why they haven’t  That, and I don’t which characters you refer to.  If you are referring Impa, she is probably in the Castle but not seen by the Link.  I don’t know who else you refer to though.

Chain of Termina writes:

DUDE!! you live in Massachusets!? I live in Massachusetts!! Small world, huh?

Anyway i just got a “your website” related idea (i don’t get many of those) and it might be cool. You know right? if you don’t well, uh, ask around. Anyway, They have a whole section of zelda related flash movies and i think it would be cool if you had them here, or a link to them or however the legal-internet stuffworks. c’mon haveing zelda flash movies here would only add to the fact that this is the greatest zelda site in the history of forever! its an awsome idea, i know it is! have a nice vacation. GO SOX!!!

and for the love of christ CHANGE. THE. POLL!!!! i mean… ya know…please?

James writes:

Did you just call me “Dude”?  It is a small world isn’t it, dude?

I don’t think cheesy Zelda movies would help us along.  We are trying to become a more professional site around these parts, so that wouldn’t help us out, you know?

For your poll comment, we already did.  But since I am slow on posting this, I am late in informing you.

Valhalla-helm writes:

If there was ever a Zelda movie, do you think it would do good in the box office? Or would it just attract nerdy ZU lovers?
I’ve had a few arguments with my brother over this.

James writes:

It would definitely attract us “nerds” and hardcore Zelda fans. But I don’t know about the mainstream audience.  With all those crappy Video Game movies out there, you are playing the gamble with this movie.  It would have to look really good to attract everyone.

Valhelm da King writes:

Hey, James? If you had the choice having a pickle head, or having a pizza head, what would you choose?

James writes:

What kind of question is that!?  I would have a PIzza Head, no doubt!

Hov writes:

I have read online that the LoZ Collector’s Disc that shipped with WW pre-orders had some glitches when the MM emulation was run off the disc. Do you think playing the game off the disc on Wii will resolve these issues, or do they stem from a bad emulation of the game itself? Has anyone that you know of tried to play that disc on Wii? Thanks.

James writes:

It was a bad emulation on the game itself.  I believe I heard it had to do with the fact that the game needed that nifty little Expansion Pack to play and messed up the transfer.  But I don’t know what the exact reason was.  Besides, if you play the game on the Wii, it is basically playing the game on the GameCube.  The Wii doesn’t magically change the disc to play better.  It’s playing a GameCube game like it was on the GameCube.

Sarah Wiseman writes:

Hi! I was wondering… Will you be making any more Zelda games for DS or Game boy? I was just really curious.

James writes:

I personally won’t be, but I think Nintendo will probably make one for the DS again.  I believe that’s a fact.

Chain of Termina writes:

I had another website related idea (im on a roll!). well, it not really my idea, i just remembered somthing. I forget who, but a while back someone posted a fanart piece of the week or somthing and i just thought person should bring it back. I liked that. plus you should do it for fan fiction too. on the podcast, when ever, um, that lady, ciela I thinkher name is, mentions the top fan art and fiction, I look for it but I can’t find it. You should post them.

Also ido have an actual question. I thought that big ZU logo up in the center was supposed to bring you to the ZU homepage, but it brings me to the forms. maybe i imagined yiu guys saying that and its doing exactly what its supposed to. I just thought thats what you said. no biggie.

James writes:

The Fanart piece of the week I took care of for a while on the main site, but people weren’t posting their art on the site.  It would take an effort or three to sift through the Fanart section to find something to post.  Maybe bring it back, maybe not, we’ll see.

The shield does send back to the main site.  Are you on the forums when you click the shield, because that will send you back to the forums.

Johnny writes:

Hello, my account name is johnny-rainbow formerly oni~link. Can you take down my wallpapers I submitted? They kind of *cough cough* suck. Although I do have an updated one with all the Links! Anyway, hopefully you will be sympathetic to my plea. Ethier that or you’re gonna be a jerk about it:P. Anyway if ou can’t or don’t want to, I will understand. But don’t go into a long or even short explanation and just say no. Possibly with a little smile emoticon. Anyway, I find them to be emberassing now. So yeah… thanks.

James writes:

I will send this over to Jason and he can decide.  More than likely yes, since they are yours.

Trilyan writes:

hi, i’ve been a member for some time, but never used the mailbag soo…

here i am, i just entered the age, saw the old controvercial poll, and thought..


and i thought of some interviews i had read about th REAL upcoming Zelda title, and there whas a los of fuzz becouse NINTENDO wanted to attrac more public to the series, making it a casual game, letting down some hardcore gamers as i am, so i was thinking, it would be a good poll..

should it be CASUAL?

now that i think better… there are no casual gammers in this page 😛

James writes:

Casual gamers are everywhere, you just need to know where to find them.  I will think about posting that poll.  It seems like a goodie.

David writes:

Why are there so many ads popping up al of a sudden. I saw a little message saying something about them but I didn’t read it. So could you tell me why?

James writes:

Jason needed to pay the bills somehow.  It’s the minor inconvience if you want to have this page running.  Once things are more set for Jason, he will more than likely remove it.