I’m VERY happy to announce that our friend Derek – ZU’s temporary Admin of Skins (or, Skinmin, Skin Admin, etc.) over on the forums has been hard at work recreating ZU’s Zelda Temple forum skin. It’s packed with a bunch of new features, and this morning it went live as ZU’s new default skin, superceding the old Temple skin that Scott made nearly two months ago. If you haven’t registered or never looked at the forums before, you won’t notice a thing (except something very pretty), but for those of you familiar with the forums you’ll undoubedtly notice a ton of new features and enhancements Derek’s been working on.

Also, see what I did there? I highlighted important words in the paragraph Zelda-style! Maybe I should do that more often. Or have popup speech bubbles with big red words. Time to hack real life, folks. Anyways, a full list of features is on the forums, so run off and have a look to see what you just got.