Well, guys, here you are. I might be a day late, but I am certainly not a dollar short. A new mailbag for all!

Here is the link for everyone to enjoy. I am on vacation this week from work, which means time to myself before school starts! I will be traveling from my state of Massachusetts to the wonderful city of Baltimore to relax and stuff. I will be bringing the laptop with me for a couple of reasons, the mailbag, however, will not be on the top of priorities. If I find a time to do it, you will see it next Wednesday. If you don’t see it by Thursday, I will be delaying it until the 27th.

With that said, you can put some mail in the bag for me to enjoy while I travel. You might have 2 weeks to send me mail, so make good use of it.

See you around!

  • Rajin95

    Wow you’re not that far from where I live.

  • BillyBobBoy

    Way off topic question, but since you live in Mass., are you a Red Sox Fan?

  • James

    Yes, yes I am a Sox fan. How did you know!

  • Gregdawg08

    Funny, I’m a Redsox fan too! Go Red Sox!

  • BillyBobBoy

    Yay! Go Red Sox!

  • Triforce of the Gods

    *Chris holds up a sign made for a baseball game that says John 3:16*

    Meg: What’s that mean, anyway?

    *Brian looks it up in the Bible*

    Brian: “And the Lord said: ‘Go Socks!'”

  • Jeffrey

    To answer GoronLove7’s question in the mailbag, the announcement made at the end of the Nintendo Power issue is believed to have referred to the Castlevania fighting game coming to the Wii. Thus, the sword. *sigh*

  • Megaman Man

    New Poll Question! New Poll Question! Please!!!