It’s over, folks! Team Four48 has successfully finished Twilight Princess as of 12:37 EST, marking the end of the Zelda Marathon. In addition, they overshot their goal of $2000 for charity by $40, and without a doubt more donations will be going their way.

With five hours and twenty-three minutes to spare, they even got in a victory shot. Congratulations to the Mario Marathon and Four48 teams for a job well done; a great choice of game series to use as a ploy to get people to donate to a worthy charity.

Now smile pretty, guys. Maybe squeeze a “cheese” in there.

Happy gamers are happy when they complete a big marathon.

Happy gamers are happy when they finish a big marathon.

Be sure to show your support for them and continue to donate to Child’s Play. You can keep donating until August 4th, so don’t stop just because the marathon is over. They’ve even begun playing Master Quest to pass the extra time they have; looks like their fingers just aren’t giving up.