With sales of Nintendo DS’s falling in Japan, new rumors are surfacing about a potential new system that may replace the DS as a true successor that could be released at the end of the year for Japan. Right now, even though the DS is booming in other territories, it’s falling in Japan, which could lead to an early launch of this new system to increase profits for Nintendo.

However, these falling sales figures might be less about the DS’s popularity and more about running out of people to sell them to.

An article on the subject can be found here.

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  • Tonchiki

    That would be just horrible. I do not want to by another system so soon, especially since with Nintendo, once a new system comes out, the older one quickly becomes obsolete. I sincerely hope this is bull. I also think that Nintendo would be kinda stupid to hinge making another system on how well it’s selling in ONE region. OF COURSE you’re gonna start running out of people to sell it to. People don’t go out and buy new cars every day, either.

    I was worried about a redesign at E3 that would make older DSes obsolete, but now I gotta worry about a whole new system? Gimmme a break.

    • Faralore

      They come out witha new system every few years awitching back and forth be tween hand helds and home systems, that is just how it works. And thats how they make their money.

      • Triforce of the Gods

        This isn’t a new handheld, though. It is a remodel of an old one. The GBA only got one remodel (SP), so why would the DS have two? Especially with how little, if any, flaws the Lite has.

  • chop_suey123

    didn’t they already make a new gameboy model? Micro, or Mini, or something? That obviously didn’t do so well. I say wait another year or two.