This is the Mailbag for July 30, 2008

goronlove7 writes:

Hi I have a question (obviously). Why won’t Nintendo release games for the game boy or Game boy color on virtual console? It would be so nice to have Some Metroid 2 or links awakening on my Wii. And I usually don’t ask personal questions but, Do you think Zelda needs change and if so to what degree?

James writes:

First question: I think they aren’t releasing Game Boy games (yet) because most Nintendo users probably still have a Game Boy Advance/Color hanging around and there are stores around that still sell them and the games for them. Either that, or they haven’t kicked the kinks out of converting the controls to the Wiimote or the (soon-to-be-banned) Classic Controller. Second question: The only things that need to be changed are elements of gameplay and new weapons, which Twilight Princess incorporated perfectly in my opinion. They added the Wolf element and the spinner among other weapons.

Paul writes:
To whom it may concern,

I was just as disappointed with E3 as about everyone else. Until I saw the Wii Motion Plus and when they demo it with a sword play game. My brain started cranking with some serious cool thoughts. What if the next legend of Zelda gave you 1:1 movement with a sword? If this isn’t done I will weep for the lost potential of something awesome. The next legend of zelda needs to be better than twilight princess. some people have talking about a more casual zelda. how much easier could you get with zelda than by adding the wii motion plus. I still hoping to see fierce deity link again but I am not holding my breath. My question is: would adding the wii motion plus to zelda be a sensible thing to do to make it more casual without sacrifice the normal zelda look that isn’t kiddy?

James writes:

As much as Nintendo did annoy a lot of people with their comment about casual gaming, they are still trying to please the core gamer. This motion plus is definitely a great idea, but we all don’t know how it is truly going to work out. If if works the way they are saying, it just made the new Mario and Zelda that much better. If not, you have Twilight Princess over again.

Randy writes:

after stumbling across this sight looking for ringtones (always wanted the lost woods song as my ringer) i stumbled on a few things that shocked me. the first is the project deluge to reinvent the series would be a good thing but it would seem they have jumped off the deep end. the reason i love to play Zelda is because i like to be Link swinging my sword not some weird kid firing a gun, if i wanted to fire a gun i could pick up one of the other FPS games. I would love for their to be decent amount of medieval games floating on the market. then theirs the point that Nintendo wants to create Zelda into a casual gamers game, for one i thought they did that with TP. although a good game i did not die once through the whole thing, not even through the cave of ordeals. and now theirs talk of making it easier, Nintendo is going to alienate the core gamers just to sell a game to casuals gamer that will only buy maybe 3 games a year. this doesn’t make since to me. Theirs plenty of casual games on the market for Wii, what about us that put all our eggs in the Nintendo basket because we expect some great games from their titles. I for one cant afford a 360 or a ps3 but long for the in depth games like halo or gears of war. Come on Nintendo you want to have games that caters to everyone then make more for us hardy’s too. then my last point is that every couple of months were forced to buy new peripherals for our wii like a new gamecube controller to play Oot on vc, or a wii wheel or a zapper to play crossbow training now a add on to help with motion controls (wasn’t that the point of the wii mote) like come on nintendo get it together before you put it on the market. i spent $60 on a new remote and nunchuck and if they want me to buy this for another $20 I’m going to be livid. To conclude this little rant I only bought the wii for Zelda, Metroid and Mario were a plus, and I’m just hoping I’m not disappointed for the next LOZ title or i might not buy their next console. i just wanted to know what you thought of all this.

James writes:
I really don’t have an answer for this, so I’ll leave your rant to do the talking.

ChainofTermina writes:
In ALTTP, why is link’s hair purple?

James writes:

One of two reasons: One, the limitations of the SNES could not handle the color of blonde and they made it purple. Or two, to make us ask why his hair was purple.

Mike writes:
Why do people ask you questions about theorizing? You never post in the theorizing section, so why do you think people ask you questions anyway?

James writes:

Because when they send mail to the mailbag, they are sending it to Zelda Universe. Instead of me going to someone in the theorizing section and find someone to help me out, I refer over. Maybe I will next time.

Dennis writes:
i always go to this site for the latest zelda news. what other site is realy good for zelda info?

James writes:

There actually is a list of sites on the right side of our site that says “friends”. They are mainly Zelda sites, with some others mixed in. Check them out, they more than likely can connect you to other sites and so on.

GregDawg08 writes:
What Zelda art style do you want used in the next game? Cel-Shaded or Realistic?

James writes:

Realistic. I don’t think you’ll see another Cel-Shaded for a while. Not until people accept it more, or they can make another Wind Waker, but longer.

Little Danny Pocket (certainly not Cody) writes:

Hello Mister James. I was wondering, are the rumours about you choosing Cody as your successor true? He is very cool and would look cute with a Webmaster banner.

James writes:
Cody, get back to work you silly little content monkey. You really think I wouldn’t put that parenthesis part in?

oni~makua writes:

ok i need help im not shure if this is the right use of the mail bag but ion mm i need to find all of the skultas in the first skulta house and just in the middle room it is driving me nuts because i can hear them but i cant see them and why are the soft soils on the sides od the walls pleas help!!!!

James writes:

I would give you the exact link to the walkthrough on Majora’s Mask, but the page isn’t loading. But, here is the Majora’s Mask page. Once the page is under control, click on Walkthrough. I believe that house is in there.

Andrew writes:
I’ve noticed that your merchandise page has been down for quite a while. do you need any help?

James writes:
No, we have it under control.

Isabell writes:
Hello 🙂
Right now, I’m playing the Zelda game called “Majoras Mask”.
And I have some problems to find a thong there. And I hope u guys can help me. So I’m asking you this:
“Do anyone know where I can find a bottle of milk?”

James writes:
I believe it is in the Milk Bar in Clock Town. It’s called the Chateau Romani and it is only accessed when you stop the aliens from taking over Romani’s Ranch. If I remember by Majora’s Mask that well.

Dennis writes:
at the end of twillight princess, does ganon die, or does he get sent back to the sacred realm?

James writes:
I believe that is die. He loses his Triforce, which didn’t happen at the end of Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess is believed to be the last in the series with Ganon because of that ending, but we will find out.