UPDATE: Naturally, ZU is now repaired. Everything should function as normal. Please contact me if you find something wrong with the site.

Okay, here’s the deal: those server upgrades I did during ZU’s downtime turned out to be more intially hurtful than helpful. While ZU will benefit in the long run from these upgrades, it’s clear right now that they’re causing nothing but trouble.

However, you cannot so easily downgrade, so we’re rather forced to fix the bugs and get the place running legitimately.

My server guy has told me that he’s actively investigating the issues, and that it should not be unbearably long until we get a lead that takes us straight to ZU’s ultimate repair. In a worst case scenario, he says, this case gets pushed to a higher level support group and may take, at most, another day. He doesn’t think that’s going to happen.

I deeply apologize for this “downtime”, but there’s nothing I can do – I’m at the mercy of the tech support people, so bear with me and with ZU while I try and get this totally fixed as soon as possible. It’s been nonstop work all day with first the hacking, and now this.

I had a Retrospective Review from good ol’ Power Shot that I wanted to post today, but I have no admin panel access due to the errors (this is being posted from my iPhone). It’ll be posted as soon as ZU is up and running properly again. Look forward to it!

Your tireless overlord,