Just coming back on Wednesday to post a new mailbag.  I am also hear to rant, but for something minor.

First of all, here is your mailbag. Second of all, here is the form to send me some mail. I will be back next Wednesday to post another mailbag, so send me some mail.

Finally, here is my minor rant: The mailbag is not an immediate answering service.  I only say this because two of the pieces of mail I received were questions that could have been answered on the forums same day.  There is a forum designed for just that purpose.  You go in, post a thread, ask a question that is easily solvable (for the most part) or takes some time.

While the mailbag is designed to take your concerns and questions, I figured I would go PSA on everyone and mention that some of your concerns can be answered same day.  Some questions in this degree are: “[Insert a question that relates to a problem concerning the forums here]” or “Gee, some link on your site has been lost or broken.  Can you fix it?”

Future Zelda questions, concerns with the series, questions about certain merchandise, pictures, videos, or such.  That’s a good mailbag question.

But, that’s my minor rant.  I figured I would come out and try to help.

I will be back next week with more questions and answers.  Enjoy the week.