While Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference failed to supply verification to the core-crowd of gamers, a new game is quietly rising up, and is planning on taking the Wii by storm. A group of developers from the third-party company High Voltage, the ones responsible for such Wii games as Codename: Kids Next Door: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E., The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Ben 10: Protector of Earth to name a few, are throwing their hats down. They are sick of creating sub-par games, and sick of developers not taking the Wii seriously. They admit they play their Xbox 360 and PS3 systems far more than the Wii, even though they like the Wii more. They are taking matters into their own hands, and what are they doing? They’re creating a game they hope will be the Halo of the Wii, and set the standard for not only all other third-party companies, but for Nintendo as well.

Enter: The Conduit, the Wii’s revolution.

The game is currently in pre-alpha stages, and from the screenshots they’ve given, it’s looking mighty fine for something that’s not even in beta yet. They’re using a graphics engine they created (called Quantum 3), which is pioneering the cutting edge of graphic capabilities, and competes gamely with the other nex-gen consoles. The game currently does not have a publisher, although they’ve had many offers. It is planned to be a Wii-exclusive, which they hope will be the Halo of the Wii, only better. They also plan on equipping online multiplayer; something third-party developers have been incredibly sticky about. So far, they say they have managed 16 players together with no lagging issues.

According to high Voltage’s chief creative officer, Eric Nofsinger concerning the Wii;

“Just like when I go see a movie, I want to see something that hasn’t been done before. And that’s really what we’re trying to do here as creators where we just saw it and said, “This is capable of a lot more than people are doing.” It’s really my favorite system, and I hated it when friends of mine would look at it, and they’d just go, “Yeah, but,”–you know, it started gathering dust. So we started playing the PS3 and 360 so much more, even though we like the Wii better, just because there are more games for those other systems that cater toward me. And part of that equation is graphics–not all of it, but part of it.”

Taken from a Gamespot Interview, which is a really good read.

The ramifications of what High Voltage is planning on doing are numerous and serious. Up until now, all games on the Wii consist of pretty good first-party games, decent ports and lower quality third part games. Third-party developers are skeptical about creating serious games for the Wii, which is something that could very well be a rub-off from Nintendo itself. High Voltage plans on dramatically shattering all questions about the Wii’s capabilities and setting the standard for other third-party developers.

The Conduit, as you probably have guessed, is a first-person shooter in a futuristic world. While not much of the storyline has been revealed, the game itself looks beautiful, as well as fun and very innovative. It is set for a Q1 2009 release, and hopefully there will be more information on it during E3.

  • Billy

    finally, something hardcore (or at least somewhat) for the wii

  • Nictel

    When Nintendo won’t someone else will. This is looking very good. If they can manage PD level gameplay. (Preferably better) I’ll be one happy gamer.

  • Z-MAN7

    sweet…This game may well save the wii from the evil of mini-games and crap third party support.

  • Change it up

    Outstanding… What could possibly be the best Wii game of ’09 is not even being developed by Nintendo, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up publishing it.

  • Yeah I totally understand where these guys are coming from.

    The Wii has a lot of potential for hardcore gaming. It's just that all the third party companies are keeping their distance. And those that don't are only creating these mini game based, part entrants, or simulator type games.

    Even the bigger companies like Ubisoft really only develop Raving Rabbids for Wii, and as funny and entertaining as it can be the game is still really a mini-game outing.

    The Conduit looks like it will be really cool and I will certainly purchase a copy if it's published.

    I wanted to note that I looked at the release dates of the Nintendo games announced at E3 yesterday and none of the really come out for Christmas. I mean sure Animal Crossing does come out November 16th but really that's a bit early for Nintendo to release their prime Christmas game offering.

    Not to mention it's not a game that can have as big of an impact since it's more a family game/communication game. I'd put money on Nintendo revealing a new title to be released for Christmas besides Animal Crossing. They just wouldn't go into the holiday season with one big game to offer.

  • vawn08

    Well, I knew about this a while back….dug it up from some throwaway mention in an article i think…but man, I’m pumped. I don’t even care if it doesn’t make it to “Halo” status–at least somebody made a serious try!

    Go High Voltage! Make your mark!

  • The LS

    I really hope the best for these guys. They seem to be serious about it. A publisher approached them and said they wanted to go to the 20$ range, and “crap it out” for the holidays. Yes, someone said that(Ubisoft??). Quite pathetic.

    To Fame and Glory High Voltage!

  • Raine

    I know it’s in pre-alpha, but they gotta do alot better than this if they want to achieve “Halo” status. I’m seeing alot of rought edges and shabby looking graphics.

  • Outlaw

    Lets hope its not to much like halo. But lets hope they quit on the gay friend code thing. Just let it go world wide full communication. Even though some people make be assholes online.

  • ganon the king

    Hope this game will be good.

  • TanukiMario

    I actually went to the High Voltage studio as a career field trip a few months ago and I got to see a lot of the things that go into making games and it’s really amazing how far in depth they go. They actually have a studio area with all these cameras and sensors which they can actually record “real-life scenarios” and then turn them into 3D models so that they can make realistic things in 3D. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

  • Teep

    Q1 2009 release? It’s currently in its early aLpha stages? This game looks like it hasthe potential to be ground breaking, I only hope they don’t rush it in an attempt to release it early enough, only to have it endup being a halfbaked piece of crap like all the other wii third party titles.

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  • Necromance

    Reading what the developers have to say and why they want this game to be good, I think they certainly deserve our support. I hope they succeed in what they are trying to do and inspire other developers to venture into hardcore territory. Releasing the engine would be fantastic. I’m hoping to see a 1st person sword game with MotionPlus and this engine, well eventually.

  • Necromance

    It shouldn’t need friend codes because it will most likely be rated M. They’re going after the hardcore audience and M usually appeals more to them. People playing this game should be mature enough to listen to the annoying swearing 13 year olds.

    The developers know what hardcore gamers want and they don’t want friend codes.