Pielno is a new group of Zelda fans who’ve made some impressive violin and piano tracks for various Zelda songs – all, currently, from Ocarina of Time.

{{bubble}{Song List}{}{}{Download each individual track by clicking on its link in the list. You can only download one at a time – this is just to keep our server from melting under pressure.


  • Rooch

    1. That’s not a violin
    2. Low quality audio
    3. 2 of the 4 songs originated in A Link to the Past, not Ocarina of Time.
    4. That said, the music is well done.

    • Juri238

      first off,what is not a violin?Do you know what that is or do you think its a fiddle?lol(Btw that IS the same thing)
      second,i guess so,its not loud thats all
      third,yeah,they didnt originate but the songs are the OOT versions
      fourth,tru dat
      lol the Shut up ****er part kept me going through the song.although it still was good lol
      i didnt hear it though,what time did it happen?

      • Tom

        Actually, I think he's right — it sounds much too low to be a violin.
        My guess is a cello.

  • I’m pretty sure Kakariko and Zelda Lullaby theme can be attributed to more then one Zelda game anyways.

    Also he just said from Ocarina of Time, which means you could find the songs as well. Since we are being so technical here 😉

  • Carolanne

    I Loved it! You should make some from Majora’s Mask.

  • Ethan

    Did I happen to here someone say “Shut up f***er” in Zelda’s Lullaby?

    • Spence

      Yeah… I can hear that too…

      • Alex

        lol yeah i heard it too

  • Jared

    Hello, I’m here wondering if I can request some songs for my violin because I would like a few songs that I enjoy greatly but have problems finding the music notes and sheets for my favrite songs. I have been able to listen to some of the songs and copy the songs masterfuly down by ear then recording the notes so I can play my songs again can you please help me gain the music I’m looking for that is so rare to find?

  • Nat

    I don’t know why but i couldn’t here the music, i would hear one sound then it would be silent, can you tell me why?

  • Alex

    i want to hear then do garudo valley

  • eiyuu_004

    I only listened to Saria's song, so I don't know about the other tracks, but I think the melody could be brought out a little more. It was pretty nice though. I love hearing these songs played on different instruments!

  • Zaera-Dourden

    I really like the start of Epona's Song. Nice arrangement.

  • sheik001

    saria song….not bad my friend

  • Leah