Several sites have announced Nintendo’s speakers for tomorrow’s press conference. The list and time after the jump.

The list of those who are presenting at the Press Conference tomorrow at E3 (which I found at Joystiq:

  • Nintendo Co Ltd. President Satoru Iwata
  • Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime
  • Designer/producer/supervisor/god Shigeru Miyamoto
  • NOA Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Cammie Dunaway
  • NOA Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Denise Kaigler

Nintendo’s Press Conference is tomorrow, July 15th, at 9am Pacific, which translates to Noon EST. Other conversions are easily found.

We will be here tomorrow to report of anything Nintendo has to say about Zelda, Nintendo, or the Wii in general, so stick around.

  • 1st Post!
    Designer/producer/supervisor/god Shigeru Miyamoto
    Wow! I think that may be some good news for Zelda!

    • Hoshika-Pichu

      Is it because Shigeru Miyamoto is listed as a designer/producer/supervisor/god? 😛

      If Miyamoto is there, there’s obviously something there that is actually worth the watch.

  • Ferilink

    Having Miyamoto confirmed in that list just makes me feel very relieved… while my biggest antipation is for soemthing Zelda related, I love everything he has created (so far) so here’s crossing fingers that soemthing juicy and good will be announced *w*

  • I know! It’s great news!
    god. Not that high but he’s great in the gaming world!

  • Insizor

    Looks like a good line up, lets hope they don’t dissapoint!

    I’m sure Miyamoto will be presenting some cool new titles and accesories.

    A small part of me was hoping Eiji would be listed, that would pretty much confirm a new Zelda title. 😀

  • Miyamoto isn’t God, that’s for sure. But he is #1 when it comes to gaming!

  • Nictel

    You all realise that last time Miyamoto was there he announced Wii Fit? Don’t get your hopes up.

    • Hey, I just got Wii fit and I happen to love it ;)… that talking bathroom scale is the cutest thing I ever stepped on!

      • mr.Tii

        But still, many people were disappointed of his presentation last year.