The second installment of Radek’s three-part wallpaper series is here, featuring artwork of Zelda. It’s available for download both in this post and in the wallpaper section of the site.

ZU Exclusive
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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1600 x 1200
1280 x 1024
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  • Luisa

    I like this new wallpaper. But maybe the next ones could have a little more effort to them, know what I mean?

    • Not really – Radek worked quite hard on them as far as I know 😉

      • Luisa

        I’m not saying he didn’t, what I meant is that it’d be cool to see a wallpaper with more details, you know?

        • Radek

          Luisa, I put in a lot of effort into the concept of this wallpaper. Realizing the wallpaper ittself wasn't hard at all, except for figuring out to make everything look simple and clean.

          Simplicity is the goal in this set of wallpapers.

          As mostly everybody knows, I am a proven graphic designer. This simple look was a choice. I decided it would look like that. It was my decision. I could have just as easily "put in more effort" or defined it through other means.

          If you want a detailed wallpaper, make it yourself, boy-o.

          • Luisa

            Why are you so upset? I did say I liked this wallpaper. If it was your choice that it would be simple, that’s ok, no need to get mad at me.

          • Radek

            I think you misunderstood my tone. I am not angry.

          • Luisa

            Oh, ok then.

  • Actaully I like the wallpapers. But since I am a guy I am using the first one with Link.

  • zantdarksage


    if i had the ZU logo i’d have a crack myself. i see what you’re going for, but this looks bland more than simplistic to me.

  • zantdarksage

    i just made these. logo is blurry cos i had to get the image locations from the site..

    that’s simplicity to me, but not bland. they’re nothing amazing however lol.

  • Radek


    I wish I cared.

    • zantdarksage

      lol, you’re being immature because you can’t accept your designs aren’t the best in the world. how about -you- constructively criticize -my- ideas lol.

      blah whatever. have fun with MS paint, google images, and

  • Shield Eater

    This has got to be a joke.

    • zantdarksage

      which person? lol

      i think it’s not so much as a joke but pretty.. silly that he’s defending the poorly designed wallpapers so much and throwing everything else away if he doesn’t like it. using ‘i’m making it somplistic’ to hide that it’s not truly very good.

      hey, i wouldn’t care at all if this site were crappy, but this is in my opinion the best zelda site by far. i’ve never been a forum user, and i come on here every day.

      furthermore with the new revamp, i feel the wallpapers need to match the sites new epic look. not some ‘simplistic’ aka bland wallpapers with next to no effort.

  • I’m not seeing any vectoring. I’m seeing cutout filters. Also, the dark purple doesn’t match Zelda’s tone at all– and Bleeding Cowboys is a no-no for anything other than a screamo band.


  • Radek

    Haha, oh man. I just realized I was defending some wallpapers on the internet to some fat kids in their moms basements who have nothing better than do than annoy people and criticize stuff they can’t do themselves.

    There’s just no point to it, and I’m just gonna stop commenting because it just lowers me to your level. I’ll just be laughing when I see the download count.

    Just know that you guys are insignificant to ZU and nobody knows who you are and never will. I’ve done my part; you’re just losers.

    Man, Jason and I had a good laugh about this. Goodbye, internet dwellers with no lives =)

  • Radek, please grow up. If you can’t take criticism (and I mean actual criticism, not the flaming) then you don’t deserve any title close to graphic designer.

  • Radek

    Where is said actual criticism? I don’t see it anywhere? Please… learn to argue?

  • zantdarksage

    lol radek.. of course everyone who uses the internet is fat and lives in their mother’s basement. i can happily prove i’m neither, though i do still live at home and i’m 18. i’m not ashamed of that lol, i shouldn’t be here so long.

    anyway, take the criticism. on the other hand, you could design something complex for kicks to prove this is simplistic what you’re doing, and not just lacking in skill which is what it looks like.

    i lol’d at your giving up comment.

  • Luisa

    I don’t want to be flammed by Radek, but I agree with the others. You must start accepting criticism. They’re giving their opinion and zantdarksage actually posted some examples of what he thinks is “simplicity”. You should just stop, think about what the others are telling you and maybe use some of those tips in the next wallpapers you make.

    “Just know that you guys are insignificant to ZU and nobody knows who you are and never will. I’ve done my part; you’re just losers.”
    You really sounded like a kid there.

  • Radek

    Derek, this is a neverending argument. You're right, I shouldn't be acting this way. I'd like to you in private about this though, if you're up to it. Contact me on AIM, username "jbarbarian26".

  • Radek

    Luisa, I understand completely what you’re saying. If you read any of my other posts you would already have my reply to what you said, but to my annoyance you are not aware for some reason, so I shall repeat it again: I will kindly accept proper criticism. The only person who even came close to doing so was Derek, although he also failed in the end.

    People’s opinions don’t matter when they’re just stupid demands “for more details” or just outright attacks. In return I attack back. They also don’t matter when everything everybody has said has already occurred to me; I’ve already considered the option. I can do more. I have done more. Simplicity is what I went with here.

    I’ve designed website for big time corporations, no joke. I’m not lying. I’ve been using photo manipulation programs for nearly 10 years. Graphic design is like second nature to me. I don’t need tips, unfortunately (for you). You’re just wasting your “breath”. It sounds egotistical, but if you anywhere as good as me, I would accept your opinion because your knowledge of photo manipulation and creation is something to consider. Nobody here, except for “Derek” (as he claims to be a skilled freelancer, but we’ll see about that when he posts his wallpaper) is that good.

    And to finish it off, the people who sound like kids are the ones who are complaining about a wallpaper on the internet. People shouldn’t complain about free stuff, especially when the giver does it out of good will. It gives a new meaning to “biting the hand that feeds you”. Now I understand what subbers like Dattebayo feel like when stupid retards complain about the waiting time on releases. It makes me want to rip your heads off.

    Zantdarksage: I respect your effort to create a good example of what you think as simplicity. Good try. But as you have been disrespectful, I’ll be blunt: your wallpapers blow. You need to go back to the drawing board. Ever heard the term “It’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it”? It fits you perfectly. Also, I don’t need to make anything for you. I don’t have to prove anything to you. Maybe when I decide to make another wallpaper someday and decide that I’ll take a different direction with it you’ll see for yourself what I am capable of, but you’ll never get one from me at your pathetic request.

  • Kevin Green

    I have to say that this is hilarious, this man is talking so much trash and tooting his own horn to the sound of epic foul.

    lets analyze your simplistic graphic design:

    solid color, thats flat and boring and doesn’t even match the Zelda Universe site.

    Posterize photoshop effect, since you couldn’t even cut out the image you used you had to poster them so they didn’t look like complete crap, maybe if you had ever heard of illustrator you would have used the vector converter and made it at least look half legit and not some cheap poster bored crap.

    oh and because you couldn’t even build a focal point in your design you drop that huge line down the left-middle which isn’t at all played out by the way.

    Function?: the color black looks better on my desktop then this foul hahaha.

    Font: By far my favorite part of it is the font, you just basically went on abstract fonts or dafont or whatever and picked some random font and decided you wanted a huge amount of white space between it for… what reason i can’t even place.

    Why am i being a dick? cause your clearly the fat kid in his moms basement that thinks* he is a graphic designer, if I hired you to do this work I would throw it in your face and laugh, and if you really want i can remake all your wallpapers the same way in like 5 mins or less cause i would need to find the font and exact image but it would be a joke. (hell i could make the font?)

    Oh and its also insulting to the designer of this new layout that these are the “exclusive wallpapers” that follow this piece of art. The man that designed this new website put more work into 30x30pixels of ANY part of the site than you did in your 3 wallpapers.

    but do feel free to attack me with uh your mom bleh, or your fat nerd, you don’t know about design bleh1!!, let me know when your getting paid to design and ask me about it. when you fall off your high-horse maybe you will enjoy some critiquing.

  • Radek

    Yes, I do get paid for design. No, I can’t do what Anton did for Zelda Universe. I’ve never done any 3D work. I’m not claiming things I am not.

    Also, your analysis of my work is also pathetic, because everything you mentioned was either just stupid or shit you pulled out of your ass to make yourself look smart. A real good example of the technique employed in pseudoscience.

    And nobody paid me to do this, I did this out of good will, which is why people like you annoy me.

    Oh… I make about 300-400 thousand a year working two jobs (one of them involving graphic design and maintaining a website) and living on my own. You… go ahead and remake the wallpapers, please. Also make the font, like you claimed. Please tape it all, and be sure you keep a counter so we can time your ability to do it in five minutes. I would appreciate it.

    Haha. Also, you can be a dick all you want, but it doesn’t affect me =) In the end, I’ll be laughing because you won’t be able to do what you claim =/ lolz

  • Although I wish not to be rude or so, I will have to agree with Kevin. I see the artistic style and this did take effort, but why soil your name by trying to pass these as “better than anyone else’s”? Get off it, man.

    If you truly didn’t try much at these because they are “free”, then you don’t deserve to be any type of designer. I’d rather not soil my name by posting a mow and blow design just to look like a saint.

    About you being in the web industry for that long, why don’t you post some of your other work? To say you’ve designed for companies, that’s possible since there are plenty of over-charging thieves that give out high school quality work. What you design is not even polished. If it wasn’t just a uncaring design, you need to rethink your career. I’ve only been in the web development scene for around 4-5 years, yet what you made is something I could do as I learned how to use Photoshop.

    There is my wallpaper. I have a few changes I’d like to make, but I feel it is something that I could put my name on as well as something I’m happy with. I spent time and effort to create this, from concept to polishing, but feel it is well worth it for a high profile website such as ZU.

    About the critiquing, people were. You chose to think those saying what should be added aren’t critiques, but they are. To judge a work, it is nice to have them also say what they don’t like, instead of a one liner response. If you actualyl worked in the industry, you’d know that feedback and critiquing is the most important thing. Never will a designer have the design 100% on the first try, with the client. It’s feedback that helps designers polish and make their work enjoyable.

    There will be people that like your wallpaper and use it, that’s perfectly fine. I saw the art style you were going for, but as I said, you lacked polish. The white borders are messed where the PS filtered screenshot is and it has WAY too much whitespace. Whitespacing being, empty space that doesn’t keep the design feel going.

    As I’ve also said, I respect that you were doing this at no cost, to help people. But to act like a child about criticism that might not be “Oh, I love this!”, is just nothing to respect. I can’t believe your theories or over glamoring of your “experience” for this work would have NEVER been acceptable to any a creditable designer of such a magnitude that you praise yourself to be.

    People don’t like it? Good, they don’t have to use it. People voice their opinions about it? Alright, I understand and respect that they tried to help me. To try to look so much better than everyone else and flame about other work being “crap” just because they didn’t like your’s is B.S. to the greatest extent.

    Grow up. Just having your work here is a disgrace to ZU. Why? It’s not so much the work itself, it’s that you’re just another high school student that is crying over negative feedback and has to stir drama.

    Why did you have to say “I wish I cared” to someone’s wallpaper? Why did you have to use the worst and most immature insults (let alone doing the insults, which is immature in itself)? If you were any respectable man, you would have just took the critiquing and stayed quiet if you’re just going to insult and make yourself an immature ass.

    Back up that you have and can do more. I’d like to contact the owners of such site to verify your did the work. And I mean, a website that actually shows your “skill”. Then maybe we’ll believe your fairy tales.

    Anyways, no reason to rant and request lies from a immature child. I actually liked zantdarksage wallpapers. All they need is polishing to rid of the blur, but then they’re prime; something I could see using if I wasn’t so intent on using less bright wallpapers (personal preference, I still love the wallpapers)

  • Sorry that I flamed you.

    I’m just a little wow-ed that you’re so up-in-arms when you expect to get a jillion downloads anyhow. 😀

  • Ive downloaded 4 and sent theme to my friends good work