It’s about time we said something about wallpapers. With the site looking as good as it is, it’d be a shame if we didn’t turn the layout into a wallpaper or two… or three.

Well, I haven’t done that yet – but I have a few wallpapers in mind, and they will be made available soon. In the meantime, Grandaddy of the ZU community, Radek, has gaciously produced three exclusive wallpapers for Zelda Universe, which we’ll be unveiling one at a time over the next three days. He also graciously produced new “Link to Us” buttons, which you’ll find on the Link to Us page. We’ll finish off the week with some pretty wallpapers featuring ZU’s new layout.

Maybe it’s finally time to loose that Windows XP island wallpaper you’ve been clinging to for something a little more… medieval? Hit the jump for Radek’s first wallpaper, featuring stylized art of Link from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

ZU Exclusive
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

1900 x 1200
1600 x 1200
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

Naturally, don’t forget to check out the Wallpapers section of ZU to get more exclusive, official, and fan-made wallpapers. We haven’t gotten rid of any old ones, just in case you had a favorite you want to use again.

  • zantdarksage

    lol, some effort please >_<

    • Hylie

      Simplicity is everything. I love it and it’s sitting proudly as my desktop background, both on my Windows box and my Linux box.

      More please! xP

  • Sadly I have to agree. The wallpaper concept is not bad, but it looks more like a “mow and blow” than something that actually had effort placed in it.

    I’ll see what I can do, if anything, to make a ZU wallpaper.

  • blackfalcon

    Actually, I think it looks pretty cool. ” Darksage and Derek apparently don’t know squat about graphic design, considering they demand “more effort” and call the wallpaper “mow and blow”. Simplicity is the skill of all good graphic artists, and this guy seems to know what he’s doing.

    • I agree, blackfalcon. Overall it is a good wallpaper that I would use.

    • zantdarksage

      hey hey haha, i know a lot about it. i’m not a pro at all, but i get very picky.

      the only reason i said that was because of the font on the right i feel doesn’t fit. i’d have chosen a different colour and – wait no. i’d have put the ZU logo there instead.

    • Shield Eater

      Knows what he’s doing? LOL.

      All he’s done is he’s gotten a random picture of Link, put a Photoshop filter over it (in this case, “cutout”) and put it on a black and green background. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to recognise when something needs more effort.

      • Radek

        I wouldn’t expect you to understand. Your analysis of my work also proved to be erroneous. Just goes to show how much you actually don’t know about graphic design.


        • I’m sorry, but I’m agreeing with Shield Eater here. Photoshop’s cutout filter is too obvious. I’m all for simplicity, but this is just 2-minute work; a little more effort really wouldn’t hurt.

          I also don’t understand why you take it so personally and get so defensive over this.

          • Radek

            I didn’t use cutout, sorry. Everything was done by hand in another program. Only the Link image was altered in PS.

          • Radek

            Also, I get defensive and annoyed because Jason and I are just trying to do you guys a favor with these wallpapers. I just had pleasing people in mind when I made this set.

            But in return for my efforts, my work gets attacked like a white supremacist in Brooklyn.

            You guys are just fucking pathetic. And when ZU’s grandfather says you are, there’s really no arguing it.

      • linksword

        i’d like to see you n try to make 1 shield eater…

    • Luisa

      The guy just gave his opinion and I agree with him. This wallpaper looks pretty good, but simplicity is not always everything. A more “detailed” wallpaper would look great too.

    • I am a freelance web developer myself. I’ve made and sold designs. As I said, it wasn’t “bad”. I see the art in it, being the style, but I also see too much simplicity to show it wasn’t more than a cut out with filter effects.

      I respect the designer’s idea and know the designer did put some effort into this, just that it didn’t seem to be polished. Making something simplistic is not to leave it unpolished. And by “polish” I mean style other than sold colors, not complex details.

      I’m personally very disappointed at Radek’s reactions to critism. I hardly ever get something right the first time, but I appreciate feedback to help enhance the design and ‘polish’. To flame people that give critism is just not mature or polite (even if they weren’t polite in the first place).

      People will use it

      • Radek

        That’s just a bad joke. No offense, I now see what standpoint your coming from, but I accept nothing but proper criticism, which you didn’t offer, I’m afraid.

        Also, I am not open to anybody’s opinion on this set of wallpapers. I made everything with that an intent on it being that way, solid colors and everything. My decisions, all of them. Everything that everybody is saying has already gone through my head, and I have already thought it over. Because of that, opinions don’t mean anything to me in this case. Sorry, not trying to be rude, but that’s just the plain truth.

        • That’s perfectly fine, you just should have stated that in the beginning.

  • It’s was Radek’s decision whether or not to stick the ZU logo in there – he had it and chose not to use it ;)… personally, I feel just sticking it in there for the heck of it would make the wallpaper icky. Just imagine it being shamelessly plugged in the bottom corner!

  • IG91

    Idk if it’s the new layout or my crappy computer, but when I was looking at the wallpaper pages some were too long…and they didn’t load past a certain point…at least that’s what it looked like…

    If someone wants to check it out and see if I’m crazy or not, that’d be cool…

  • Nathan Evans

    I can’t access the Wallpapers section of the website?