We’re making polls a monthly thing now. And with today’s news about Project Deluge and E3 coming up, July’s poll (or at least for the first half of July until E3) is all about this new Zelda speculation – good idea? Bad idea? Fake or real? Vote in the monthly poll and let us know what you think.

And now for the results of June’s… ZU: Great site, or greatest site?

With 64% (429 people)of the votes, it would seem that we are the greatest site after all! The remaining 36% (244 people) thought that ZU was just a great site.

  • 4chan, the best source for Zelda news since 2004!

  • zantdarksage

    lol also sarcastically agreed.

  • Gregdawg08

    Highly, highly unlikely this is real. It’s not from a reliable source, and the steampunk logic doesn’t make sense. In Windwaker, you don’t see remnants of any modern designs or weapons. It looks just like the normal Hyrule. Besides, Hyrule was frozen in time when it was flooded, so you would see the modern things everywhere. Not real, and I would not like any Zelda to be that modern. Besides, a mental hero that isn’t a Link? Not happening.

  • MadCucco

    Bullsh*t. Plain and simple. Is Nintenod known for spilling the beans early? I don’t think so. Besides, “complicated storyline, complete voice acting and completely orchestrated music” don’t sound like the usual fan debate’s topic? This SCREAMS fake.

  • Change it up

    Even though I am 99.99999% sure that this is a fake interview, there’s still that 0.00001% that is hoping it is genuine. The series is starting to get a bit stale. Now I love the series to death, but it seems to copy itself alot. ALttP, OoT, and WW all used the “find three jewels, get the master sword, sev the Sages” shtick. Twilight Princess, while enjoyable overall, didn’t do much for The Legend of Zelda. They tried too hard to emulate Ocarina’s success with it. I would really like to see them try something new with the series, a lifeguard to save a legendary series from drowning in monotony.