The guy that brought you the review of the mildly-connected-to-Zelda game Super Smash Bros. Brawl now brings you a review of a game that has absolutely nothing to do with Zelda. And we’re just fine with that, because we love Nintendo’s attempts to sell cheap-o plastic shells with its major franchises (hello, Link’s Crossbow Training).

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: Gosh darnit, why is a Zelda site trying to review another game that isn’t Zelda? Those guys should stick to what they know.

Well, we know a lot. So, we’d like to share. Specifically, Power Shot would like to share. Is this indicative of a bunch of non-Zelda articles to come? Probably not, but it does show how much we here at ZU like to flap our gums ;)…

Either way, whether you care if the article is about Zelda or not, just sit back and enjoy the scathing criticism once again of our resident power reviewer, Power Shot.

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