There are several questions that have been frequently asked about the contest, so I thought I’d answer them here.

Q1: Does it have to be so short?

A: I’ve been getting just as many entries that don’t fit within the word count as entries that do, so I’m going to have the <100 word entries and the >100 word entries split into two different contests. You can enter once into each.

Q2: Do we win awesome Zelda-related prizes?

A: I’m afraid not. This is just a small contest organized by some site staff, not a Jason-funded extravaganza. Your reward is your idea being read by thousands of other like-minded people, maybe even Zelda game designers! And more importantly, you get bragging rights.

Q3: Wow, Cody, you sure are amazing, how do I join your fan club?

A: Why, that’s easy, just put this banner into your signature or visit thi- *sees Jason coming and hides* Quick, shameless plug! Hide behind this strikeout!

Q4: Can you tell us how many people entered so that we know what our odds were?

A: Sure, when I announce the results I’ll mention how many entries were entered.

I hope to see more of your entries by Saturday. :>