By Mr. Eponia

This game is the sequel to Legend of Zelda, but this game doesn’t follow or fit into the usual Zelda story as you’ll soon find out. The graphics for this game was of course in 2D but this did not stop Nintendo from trying to make it better then the Legend of Zelda. Nintendo tried quite a few things in the testing grounds before they set it free to roam around and be sold to the gamers of the world. Like Legend of Zelda these games are no longer available so ask your friend if he has it and if he doesn’t but you desperately need it you always have the refuge!! 😉

In this game Ganon is nowhere to be seen as Link once again sent him back into the Realm and saved Hyrule and gathered back up all the eight pieces of the Wisdom part of the Triforce. A mysterious sorcerer is behind the evil that has once again struck Hyrule and the Princess. When the sorcerer started his rain of terror he placed a curse on Princess Zelda for her to sleep for eternity. Link needed to locate all of the shards of the magic crystal, which would eventually open the gates to the Great Palace where the sorcerer had escaped.

In this game there aren’t as many weapons as hoped which is a down side for the game and another one is that the world map of Hyrule absolutely throws out the adventure of it but a good thing is that there are many more locations to explore!

Most of the graphics are fantastic and are better then Legend of Zelda as the view is on the side though the world map looks worse. The sound effects are nothing special and are quite bland and they have not progressed from Legend of Zelda but that’s life but still this time the songs aren’t even catchy so you’ll be playing with the volume down and listening to your favorite songs on the radio, tape or CD.

This Zelda game I believe should have had more development on it and improved in all areas but that’s life but if you really want it go get it and you’ll find out why!

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