Alex writes:

I never even had a once of hope that I would win any place in the contest. I’m so happy, now I have an excuse to get a DS. You’ve really brightened up my life, because school’s not going to well. Oh well, i can’t wait for it to get here! !:D!

James writes:

We are glad that we could help out. Hope you are enjoying the game.

Kokiri mage7 writes:

I’ve sent two submissions for the Interactive Story known as Dawn of Shadows, and was just wondering if you were going to be continuing it or not. I hate to see unfinished things, so if it’s too much of a burden, I wouldn’t mind taking care of it for you. Just let me know.

Have a great day!

James writes:

Yea, life has been busy. School, work, and other things on my mind seems to place ZU last. I will try to work something out eventually.

Rukario writes:

I was reading the “First Three Hours of Phantom Hourglass” article on Zelda Legends, and at the bottom, I noticed that it said PH makes various references to Four Swords Adventures. I was wondering if you’ve heard any rumors as to what these references are? Thanks!

James writes:

I have not noticed anything, however, I haven’t really been thorough in the game. There could possibly be allusions that I am missing. If anyone knows them, let us know.

Link414051 writes:

I just finshed the twilighr princess and i really cant wait for the next zelda gasme do you have any news at all. thank you a zelda fan

James writes:

The latest game was Phantom Hourglass. We should be getting some content out ASAP.

chain writes:

I’ve got a few things to say.

First off, SSb. Brawl. In SSb. Melee, a new charachter was young link. he was ecentially( i know i spelled that wrong) a different version of link. the link from OoT. this time, however, they are using TP Link. are you thinking what I’m thinking? could they possibly make Wolflink a playable character in Brawl? makes ya think, dont it.

Next, i know this isn’t zelda related and i know this is not the site for this kinda thing, but have you heard anything about Mario galaxy? its supposed to come out next month, and all I know about it is that it takes placein space, from the tittle of course. you keep us updated on brawl, so why not mario galaxy?

last, this is really random and pointless, but the other day, a wierd thought came to me. this isn’t a rumor i’ve heard or am atemping to start. just imagine if they made a zelda tradeing card game! wouldn’t that be wierd!. personally i think it would be stupid. the majority of them would be weak, common enemies that need absalutly no strategy t beat. plus the games change too much. what’s your opinion?

(In a second email)how come you haven’t updated your comics section? there are alot more zelda comics than just Hyrularity and ALTTP comic. other zelda sites have alot more. im not trying to make you feel bad, but zelda legends has a comic version of almost every zelda game there is. almost. so why
don’t you?

alright thats it until next time. sorry it was so long. may the tri-force be with you.

James writes:

First off: That would be an interesting idea. However, I would probably see it as more of a transformation at Zelda was to Shiek. But, I believe Link’s moves were posted. I would like to see it, so we’ll see.

Next: We wouldn’t keep you updated on Mario Galaxy because it’s an exclusively Mario game, whereas Smash incorporates the Zelda characters into it. You can check out other sites like The Mushroom Kingdom for more.

Last (though not really): I don’t know… It would be unique, but I truly believe there are way too many TCG’s out there.

Second email: I think we haven’t updated because we currently don’t have the time. I’ll add it to the list of things to do.

Forseti writes:

I was wondering when the phantom hourglass page would be up on the main page and if you needed someone to make it. I understand it’s still a fairy new release though I’m just wondering.

James writes:

When I get a chance, I will be adding as many pages as I can. It is a planned team effort, so we’ll get it to you ASAP.

Andrew Wahba writes:

how do i post a part of the (interactive) story?

James writes:

I think right now the story is truly on hiatus. I’ll get back to you.

Dan writes:

Somebody should realse the “Mudora book” I mean, apart of playing the games, you could read them in a book, don’t you think?

James writes:

I don’t know, what would that truly accomplish? It would be fun, but I wouldn’t see a point. That, and I don’t think it’s high on the list at Nintendo.

WolfLink3293 writes:

It’s me again! Remember when I asked you how Zelda turns back into Tetra? Well now that Phantom Hourglass has been out for a bit, can you answer it again? I don’t know because I don’t have a Nintendo DS. Thanks a bunch!

James writes:

I have not yet finished the game, but I am close. It is not explained why Zelda is Tetra again, but it is implied that her Pirates know the truth about her. It might be a disguise to hide her identity, but the way it occurs was not explained. I would theorize that she just disconnected the pieces of Triforce she had, and poof, it happened.

Kokiri Mage7 writes:

I was just thinking of something, look at how many characters are coming to the aid of Kirby and Mario at the Stadium, first Peach and Zelda, then Pit, who’s next? Bowser, perhaps? Here’s my rather peculiar theory, Bowser instructed his minions to go get DK and Diddy Kong super angry, stealing of bananas and trying to blow them up might work, then lead them straight towards the Stadium. It’s an odd theory, and it would take a genius and a hopeful person that Bowser CAN be portrayed as “looking to keep the world safe, at least until he can conquer it.” This would make sense, right? I realize that THIS has nothing to do with Link, but perhaps Link and Ganondorf are drawn to the Stadium by Zelda? Sonic and Eggman are also a possible though unlucky team. It makes sense if you look at my quotation marked area.

James writes:

That first player adventure is an interesting scenario. I truly don’t know how it’s going to play out, but it would be interesting to see how all the characters are incorporated.

Christov writes:

I’m not a guy who uses the forums here.. ever, I dont really have time for forums, because I know I get addicted to them and I cant afford to use my time on that, I’m sad to say. But this does relate, beleive you me. I find that I dont know anything about the staff here at ZU, and that mioght be because I’m never on forums. The most I know about the staff is what I can gather form they way they write articles and BTR articles. So I was thinking that the staff should have a page thats a whole bunch of stuff about them. I just think it would help make the ZU community bit closer, even for those who arent active in the forums.

James writes:

We were working on that on both the forums and site. We have had threads on the forums about getting to know the mods. But, we’ll see.

Alex writes:

If you Put in zelda on, this is the 2nd site to come up!:D

James writes:

Actually, it’s number 5 at the moment. That’s probably due to the recent hacking. But, who’s looking? 🙂