Cem writes:

If you can remember back to The Lengend of Zelda (NES), when you defeat Ganon you’ll find that princess Zelda is a Redhead! But in every other Zelda series, she is blond? What is this madness? Thanks.

James writes:

If you trust Wiki: “She is usually portrayed as a girl or young woman with blonde hair, a notable exception to this being in the original The Legend of Zelda where her hair is the same shade of brown as Link’s.” It’s actually brown, which would probably come out as brown due to the limitations of the NES. There is no official explanation to the change that I have seen anywhere. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

spencer writes:

hi. i’ve noticed that you failed to put in your twilight princess bestiary, that if you shoot (dodongos) into their mouths when they’re taking a breath to spit fire, you can shoot an arrow, and they will implode and die instantly. this is a great help for the game as, well, dodongos are annoying!

James writes:

I will check that out and add that ASAP.

WolfLink3293 writes:

Hi again! I’m very confused about one of the characters in Phantom Hourglass. Tetra was Princess Zelda. And got changed to her Zelda form. How is it that Zelda got turned back into Tetra?

James writes:

I don’t have the game, so I don’t know. I would guess though as a disguise. That way, you draw less attention as a pirate girl than as a princess.

Alex writes:

I’d just like to thank you for keep this website nice and orderly, unlike other websites I know, this is full of other zelda lovers.

James writes:

Oh, you are too kind. You’re making me blush.

Niadheil writes:

Ok, just a quick comment on your reply to 950’s question form the last mailbag about how how the hyrule overworld has changed between games. I think the real reason they do this is most obviously, to give the gamer a new land to exlpore, the creators new areas and scope for the game and so on.

As for your idea about continental drift, well to be frank, its not a good idea. Geogrpahically speaking since hyrule has an active volcano in the form of Death Mountian is has to be near a plate boundary, and so in theory maybe new land could be formed. However this process takes MILLIONS of year to take place. For example America and Eurpoe are moving apart at about the same rate that your fingernails grow. So whilst this could be whats changing and explaning Hyrule if we want to be all technical, tyhat would mean that OoT and TP took place millions of years apart, not a very likely feat.

Sorry about that geogpraphy rate but i just finished my A-Level in it and so thought i should point out this. Then agian as i said before its only a game, so this sorta thing probably is not very realivant to Zelda. Keep up the good work on the site!!

James writes:

You also assume that Hyrule is on Earth. You need to watch more sci-fi or anything that takes place on another planet. Different rules for different places. But, who knows. I guess I am trying to find a good excuse for my poor geography skills :).

Mattocks writes:

I’ve just been wondering what exactly is goin, or went, on with Nintendo Monopoly. Was it only out for a limited time? Was it available in Canada? I’ve been looking for it since they announced it, but havn’t been able to find it anywhere.

James writes:

I am looking on Amazon right now and am looking at a copy in stock. As does Toys R Us. I haven’t checked Canadian versions, but I am sure you can find it anywhere online. That is, if you’re willing to pay the shipping.

Smart Guy writes:

Why do people think Ganondorf dies at the end of most Zelda games? If he could be killed, why would Link spend so much time sealing him in OOT? I think it is obvious the triforce of power gave him immortality (he doesn’t age).

Next, Ganondorf didn’t lose the triforce of power in TP, it just faded. Remember, he still has it in TWW, and the three pieces never came together in TP. Even in TWW, when he gets stabbed in the head without his triforce piece, he turned into stone which to me represents another form of sealing. He must have kept his immortality. Unlike Link, there is only one Ganondorf.

My point is, I believe Ganondorf’s spirit must have been sealed with his triforce of power leaving his body behind in TP. What do you think?

James writes:

That is possible. If you believe in the split timeline (which was confirmed true), TP and TWW take place in separate timelines. Therefore, it is possible that TP is the end of one timeline, while tWW is close to the end of the other. It is a plot device to keep killing Ganon, because he is almost always the final boss. It’s just the way it is.

Kokiri Mage7 writes:

I got a Poll idea, how about something like:

“Which character would be the best side-kick for Link?





+Dark Link(turned good)”

Lemme know what you think.

James writes:

I think Phantom Hourglass will be taking over the polls until the end of the year. But, I will try to use this later.

Josh Mason writes:

If you are reading this and you are a die hard fan of zelda send me a message with “ZELDA” on it. My email is (not giving it) And the designers of this web site “ROCK”

James writes:

Umm, yea.

,MasterZ, writes:

Will you be adding Link’s crossbow training to the game list?

James writes:

It might be added under Twilight Princess, but I don’t think it will be getting its own game page.

Mr.Pickles writes:

How come you haven´t covered news about (the Crossbow Training game) yet? If you haven´t been tipped about it – consider yourself tipped.

If you are all ignorant of this games existance – it´s a FPS game, to show of the new Zapper. And will feature Link with a crossbow, shooting at different targets in different modes.

The weird thing is – this isn´t exactly fresh news… Do you have too few people working on the site or are you just plain lazy? Anyway – I expect you to cover this case in the near future – half a month after the rest of the world. Cheerio.

James writes:

Someone needs to visit Zelda Universe more often. Otherwise, they are made to be a fool by sending into the mailbag about a story that was already reported on when it broke.