Mattocks writes:
Hey, the latest mailbag’s timeline content re-interested me in the theories, and I went to read the ZU one. It’s a good theory, but needs to be updated to include TP, and mayby PH. Aswell, is there any evidence that suggests the oracle mini series (OoA, OoS, and LA) couldn’t be placed after MM, since even in the ZU theory it isnt perfectly placed, and it would help to explain a little bit of Link I life after MM. Keep up the awsome work on the site!

James writes:
That timeline is REALLY outdated. We need to find someone who would be willing to update the timeline. Maybe rewrite it up and make it look pretty. Maybe that was a request *winkwink*.

solink writes:
I just wanted to tell you it’s a great honor of people like you that keep up such a friendly site. Being here for about 2 years or so, I found the atmosphere of wise and cool people to the MAX! I just want to tell you guys rock! If it weren’t for this place, I wouldn’t have much to do on the world of the Internet, so I’m just telling you guys should be rewarded somehow with all the endless work, modding the forums, and the bills you have to pay to keep it all running. Oh, yeah, I have it…IMAGINARY PIZZA PIE WITH A 5 DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL PENS!!!!

Anyways, this is for questions, so here it goes:
1.) In OoT, the guy at the windmill in the future says that in the past, some really “wicked child” played the “Song of Storms”, even if you don’t do it et! Is this a minor error to the game or is there something behind it?
2.) How do you find the Triforce?!…Just kidding!!!! I just wanted to know if there was once thing about Zelda games that bother you, what is it. Besides the CD-i installments. THOSE are a curse *shudders*
3.) What are your opinions of a Zelda Anime? Do you think it would work for humanity, or result in a barbecued trash can, like the Super Mario Brothers Movie?and finally…
4.) I’ve heard rumors that this site was for sale! I many have gotten the name wrong, but in case, I’m seriously worried because this is a great place. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!!!

James writes:
Thanks for the compliments. I know I feel guilty when the site isn’t updated enough, but we try. Thanks for the free pizza and pens! Anyway, to questions!:
1. Funny that you mention that because I have a weird theory on that matter, but I am more using it as an out in Fan Fiction. It works, but it’s also an interesting theory to. I will let you know when I post up my Fiction for ZuNoWriMo.
2. Don’t joke about finding the Triforce, man. Not cool. As for you question, that’s a good question. I think that many the thing that bothers me is introducing and item and not using it enough in the game. The best example is the Spinner in TP. You use that thing to the max in Arbiter’s Grounds, but basically nowhere else.
3. Hmm… I think in order for Zelda Anime to work, it would have be made in collaboration with Nintendo. If you just send off to a production company and say run with it, I don’t think it would work. That, and I don’t know what canon to use in an Anime. I’m split.
4. How do I say this. I believe the site was for sale a while back. I do know that Jason (GoldenChaos) bought the site, even after his absense and all the drama behind him leaving. I am glad he’s back and he has some awesome ideas to bring this site back to it’s former glory. I hope in the near future, this site is better than what it is. You might think that impossible, but it will happen.

Light Ganon112m writes:
Dude, your missing a map page on the Twilight Princess section.

Also about the Gorons: Did you notice how all the Goron seem to be guy’s!

Sooo…. The Gorons are all are males, and the Gerudo are just about all females. Mabey there is a connection between them.

On the topic of Gerudos, I don’t think Ganondorf represents your tipical one. So you might want swith that picture of him in the races of Hyrule.

Finaly, for you races of Hyrule section, you forgot the Zuna! I know you probably don’t want to place them, but they are a lager race than the Yetis

James writes:
Dude, I know we’re missing the maps, we’re missing a lot from that page.

Also, you notice too much. Nah, just kidding. It is really weird that all Gorons are male…

Sooo…. I don’t think there is any connection to the two. Does any in either tribe look like the other? If some looked like a combo of the two, I could see it.

For your Gerudo race thing: Ganondorf is the most notable Gerudo of the bunch, which is why his picture is there. We COULD change it up. We’ll see.

Finally, I guess we did. I guess mainly because not a lot of people care about FSA.

Veracity writes:
I’d like to clarify a few things from my last mailbag question that either were unclear or misinterpreted. I loved Twilight Princess and the Hyrule it captured, so I’m not sure where the tangent regarding a general disliking came from in the answer to my last inquiry. I wanted to know whether you think that the developers behind Zelda Wii will attempt a larger world as opposed to a thicker world. What I mean by that is: will they use the extent of the Wii’s technology to create a vast, open world (which, in my opinion, seemed to be exemplified by early shots of Twilight Princess) with less in it in the way of explorable holes and such sidetracks, or will they focus on a world smaller in volume, but much more full of things to do. I know you don’t know what they’ll do, but that’s why I was asking which you think they would do; your best guess, I suppose. Also, please note that I only refer to Hyrule’s geography style, not the gameplay or what else was spoken of in the last answer.

And to clarify the difference I see between Twilight Princess and Ocarinca of time: Ocarina of Time seemed to attempt to capture a more open, realistic Hyrule (as much as they could at the time). When viewing from Hyrule Field, Death Mountain was rendered as a background to appear distant, while in Twilight Princess Death Mountain seems to appear closer and mountains generally appear unrealistically shaped. Overall, I felt that Ocarina of Time headed in a more realistic direction than Twilight Princess, not that either is superior. Thanks.

James writes:
Sorry, for the rant. I love to rant. I think I shall answer with this: If Retro Studios can make a game like Metroid Prime 3, that looks pretty and has enough to do, they can create a game like that for Zelda.

Dokro writes:
Forget Myspace, we should make ZU into like a gamer’s dating service — where Zelda fans can find people close to them and get together! I always wanted a gamer chick, and they’re dead hard to find in real life, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, I’d be happy to take 10% for this killer idea.

James writes:
If you want a dating service, go to a dating service website. ZU is a gaming website, designed to attract gamers. That’s really all I am going to say.

Jacob writes:
Im really worried that the look link adapted in wind waker is going to overtake the more realistic and dark look which started with ocarina of time and went onto twilight princess. its an ok look but it obviously wouldnt suit the dark atmosphere that zelda has come to mold around over the last fiew games (excluding the four swords series and phantom hourglass) Do you think they’re just going to switch between them now and then which is what they’ve been doing (so far anyway)?

James writes:
I think that since more gamers want realism, that style will probably win out on most of the games. I think it also depends on what direction the game is taking. If a game requires a darker storyline, use real. If it’s a more “cartoony” like adventure game, use Wind Waker. I don’t know. All I know is that I like the art style of the Wind Waker. People tend to whine about how cartoony it is, when in reality, it’s brillant. Emotions are seen better in that game, reactions are well-timed, and the game is fun to play.

950 writes:
not really a question as much as a notation. Ocarina of time and twilight princess are based in the same place: hyrule. Yet somthing that bothered or rather annoyed me is that they changed the layout of hyrule completely! I guess they didnt want to seem lazy and use the same *roles eyes* but i thought that it might add a bit more authenticity to the game, what are your views in this, was it a good idea?

James writes:
I think the best answer would be either continental drift, or kingdom expansion. You know the story of Earth: This planet was one huge continent that split to seven over time, and they are still drifting to this day? Who’s to say that the landmass that is Hyrule didn’t connect into the Peak Province and everywhere else that wasn’t “in Ocarina of Time”. That, and a lot can happen over the time period it took from Ocarina and Twilight Princess. I think it was a good idea, because to me, Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time was… small. In Twilight Princess, there was plenty to explore, but it truly didn’t take away from the feel of the game.

len560 writes:
When is the next zelda comming out

James writes:
It’s out in Japan, it comes out in October in the States and Europe.

Jeremy Plaza writes:
You’ve probably gotten this question more than a thousand times… or maybe not at all, but nonetheless, I just wanted to know (blank)’s opinion on the controversy surrounding the timeline and the chronolohic order of it, if there even is one. Just want to get (blank)’s thoughts.

James writes:
You really need to start reading the mailbag more. This seems to be the only topic of discussion I seem to get, yet I keep telling people how much I don’t like discussing it. But, it pays the imaginary bills, I suppose. Like I have stated many times before: I think that the timeline was not truly conceived until Ocarina of Time when Miyamoto tried to connect all the games before it by saying that Ocarina was first. I could be wrong, but it seems that only those games after Ocarina of Time seem to fit in a timeline. OoT-MM-TP-tWW-PH fit perfectly, TMC-FS-FSA fit perfectly. LoZ-AoL fit together, ALttP and maybe LA fit together, and the Oracles fit together. There might be an overall timeline of events, but I truly do not see it, and probably won’t until it is finally revealed.

WolfLink3293 writes:
Hi! I’ve been confused with a couple of Zelda stuff. First is about Twilight Princess. In the begining of the game after you get sucked into twilight and meet Midna, she’s all giggly and has a sly personality. Was she trying to cover up her true identity?

Second is about TP again, after you defeat Ganon and he makes his final comments and you hear the backgroung music that sounds like angels singing, you see Zant, “the King of Twilight”, crack his neck and finishes Ganon off. I thought Link and Midna finished him off. Where’d he come from?

Lastly, at the end of TP Midna says her last words to Link and Zelda before she gets herself beamed back to the Twilight Palace, she says, “Link….. I…….. See you later.” Do you think Midna was about to say,” I love you.” to Link?

Thank you for listening and I hope you’ll answer these qwestions that will end my “Zelda Confusion”.

James writes:
Firstly: No, I believe she was as blunt as she wanted to be. She found you and was using you from the very beginning. She didn’t hold that back too much, but she didn’t entirely spill the beans that she was the Twilight Princess, nor that she was using you as a pawn. Over the course of the game, though, you do effect her enough that she opens up a little more to you and seems to act a little nicer.

Secondly: Zant was being controlled by Ganondorf, and vice versa. Ganondorf came into the Twilight Realm after being banished and found the first living thing to possess. He just so happened to find Zant, and used him to take over the Twilight Realm. Zant overthrew Midna, and started taking over Hyrule. However, Link went through and defeated Zant and then Ganondorf. Since Ganondorf was living via both the life of Zant and the Triforce, both the Triforce would need to leave Ganon and Zant be truly destroyed in order for Ganondorf to be dead. Once the Triforce leaves Ganondorf, the image of Zant cracking his neck (to me) is more of a metaphor for the player that Ganondorf is now dead. That is how I see it, and I am probably going to get some emails about that. But, I accept theories as well.

Lastly: It’s possible. If she was thinking about saying it, she then realized that it couldn’t be, therefore smashed the mirror and sealed the pathway. This is another of those quotes that can be taken different ways, like the ALttP quote by Link’s uncle. You know, the one that people assumed said that Zelda was Link’s sister.

I hope I ended your confusion, and didn’t add to it. 🙂