sam writes:
“Kokiri Mage7 writes:

I got to thinking about some things.

1) Why do you think Tingle isn’t in Twilight Princess?”

I thought that Miyamaoto or someone said in a magazine that the person running the STARS game in TP was a descendant of Tingle’s. By the way, I don’t know why eveyone is so fed up in timeline theories. (no offense to anyone) I don’t see why you have to get so logical with something meant to amuse you, and keep you from thinking in the first place. Thanks for the time.

James writes:
I did find what you were talking about. This was on Wiki: “Purlo is the host of the STAR CIRCUS mini-game in Hyrule Castle Town, and indeed he does share some similarities with Tingle. According to Aonuma, Purlo’s appearance “is the result of wondering what a realistic Tingle would look like”. Among other physical similarities with Tingle, it is notable that Purlo is very greedy and has a love for Rupees.”

That One Guy From That One Place writes:
In response to what you have to say on my take on the independance of the villages. For the most part, you are right. I still think there is a lack of Hylian settlements, but thats just me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so i hold everything to a high standard. (in my defense, I started getting irritated with these things halfway through my third play of the game, with the first two being too caught up in the story to notice)

I do have a question about the forums, my last mailbag entry inspired me to finally become a member. But I’m not recieving a confirmation email, so I can’t post anything. I’ve checked my spam folder, made sure the address was accurate, and requested the email, about 8 or 9 times, but I never recieve one, I just wonder why that could be.

So as not to waste your time, I have a legit zelda question for you. I support the tetraforce theory, as a whole, not everything that entails with it, but the basic proposal of it. I understand that it is shunned by the better part of the zelda community, and thier reasons are entirely credible. “We have no proof” well, do we for most of the other theories either? anyway, I’m just wondering on your take on it, because whether or not it will ever be proven right or wrong, it’s fun to discuss and speculate about.

James writes:
For your forums question: for some reason, this is been happening to a lot of people recently. If you want, send me an email to my ZU mail (James (at) zeldauniverse dot net) and I’ll set you up.

For your Zelda question: First off, I don’t support the Tetraforce theory. The main reason it has been shunned across the community is due to the main fact: It is stated that it is a Triforce and that there has never been any mention of it. There have always been three chosen to hold the Triforce, and no other fourth running around looking extra special. But, opinions are opinions, and everyone has one, right?

Light Ganon 112m writes:
(James: Once again, he sent me four separate emails. So, here are all four):
1)Two mailbags a go, I asked about possibly finding Ganon’s triforce in a later game. Then you said it might be the journey for the ToP. Sooooo…… whats ToP stand for? It sounds like a sequel to TP.

2)Speaking of sequels, why does Nintendo place link games out in twos? LoZ+AoL, ALttP+LA, OoT+MM, OoS+OoA, FS+FSA, TWW+PH, TP+ToP? The only one that does not have a pair is TMC. Please explain why Nintendo puts Zelda games in pairs.

3)Hey I just read Odolwa’s table: Zora’s heart change from ALttP to OoT. But he left out a biggie that supports his theory- Jabu-Jabu! He probably helped change the new kings theory.

4)James- know any thing new about PH?

5)Why does TP come after OoT+MM, just wondering?

6)Also why do you think there the only timeline is OoT-MM-TP-TWW-PH. What about TMC-FS-FSA? isn’t that a timeline, or LoZ-AoL, and ALttP-LA? And surely the oracle games fit in somewhere.

7)Thirdly, I have some things to involving the Kokiri.It’s my theory on how they evolved (it won’t work for james’ timeline). the FS prologue it states that the origanal savior went into the forest. TMC there are little people known as minish.
3.put facts 1 and 2 together along with the fact Zelda games use magic, so the TMC link might have helped the minish grow into Kokiri.
4. Sages decide to flood Hyrule.
5. Both Kokiri and deku people freak out and look to the Deku tree for help.
6. He agrees to race the land if they agree to become one race.
7. They become the korok!
what you think?

8)Hey, were there any Zoras in TMC? If so are they good or evil?

Reason I want to know is, cuz I am working on an ultimate timeline based many of the different concepts of Zelda.(ex.World styles,sheild styles)

If anyone has any ideas on other stuff to include it please include it with your contributions to the mailbag. (unless James doesn’t want you to)

James writes:
1) ToP stands for Triforce of Power.
2) I think it’s more of an unspoken rule to place Link in two games. I haven’t read about the why. However, TMC is linked to the Four Sword Link in someway, that it might be the same Link. The reasoning being that Link in TMC gets the Four Sword
3) That does make sense. I’ll pass that piece of knowledge on to him.
4) If I did, I would’ve posted it by now, wouldn’t I?
5) TP definitely comes after OoT+MM because of all the in game references made. Most were put in for fan service and to make known that this game is an almost direct sequel to those games.
6) I guess I am really misunderstood. Let me make it known that I think those lesser timelines are active. Like the LoZ-AoL (that’s a given) and the TMC-FS-FSA one (which is a somewhat given). What I mean by the OoT-MM-TP-TWW-PH is that this is the only real main one that Aonuma and Miyamoto are truly working on. It makes sense, because OoT was the first time that a “timeline” of any sort was mentioned. Then you have MM linked directly to OoT, then TWW as well, then TP, and finally PH. The other games are important to a lesser plot, but that main one is the only one that the most work has been put into. Clearer?
7) That is believeable if you believe that TMC was the first in the timeline. That’s all I’ll leave that too.
8) I went searching around the net, and even went back and played around The Minish Cap for a bit. I didn’t see any Zora’s in the game or referenced anywhere on internet land. So that would be a no (unless someone can prove me wrong)

Meff writes:
This isn’t actually a question, it’s probably more of an answer to a previous question in you’re mail bag and a bit of a “what do you think”?, it’s also a little theory on Timelines…Before you scream, I know you’re probably sick of all the theories but if i’m right it doeswork when it comes to the placement of certain characters eg. Tingle, Zora’s Korocks and Rito.

The Question that sparked this was:
Kokiri Mage7 writes:
I got to thinking about some things.
1) Why do you think Tingle isn’t in Twilight Princess?

I think you answerd that it was probably because he isnt very popular. After reading this i thought about the timelines and thought which Games Tingle has been in: MM and TWW, they are both in the same timeline as each other and they both aren’t in the same timeline as TP (Which Tingle is sadly missing *cough*), so that may be one reason why he wasn’t included,?? By determining which characters are/aren’t in a game may be a way to determine which of the other games goes into which timeline??

So if you could also take the koroks for instance, they shouldn’t appear in any game that is placed in the same time line as TP. (I’m one that believes they evolved from the Kokiri. This is the same for the Rito Tribe and if they are to be the evolution of the Zoras there shouldn’t be any Zoras in any game that comes after TWW and thus the reason why they are still around in other games eg. TP That is unless they were in hiding or sumthing stupid…I also don’t know if they make an appearance in PH, so who knows.

this theory may not work for other characters tho and I don’t think it works in the case of the Sages, those being Saria, Impa etc beacuse they are shown in the stain glass windows of sunken Hyrule castle in TP but they shouldn’t have even been awakened beause they are placed in the child Links Timeline. it would of made more sense if they were mentioned in TP than the TWW instead of those weird looking guys. Anyway I have babbled on too long. I’d like to know your thoughts tho, thanks. I just thought it was worth mentioning. =)

James writes:
) “So if you could also take the koroks for instance, they shouldn’t appear in any game that is placed in the same time line as TP.” That sentence doesn’t place well with me. Just because a new race is introduced in the timeline doesn’t mean that it must be a different timeline. Look at our history. We are supposedly descended from Apes, which is in the same timeline. Evolution in Zelda is the same way. Another way races can appear in different games is the split timeline. If the Rito’s appear in one timeline, they may have never evolved in the other (since the Great Flood only appears in one timeline).

Link3293 writes:
I was watching some Zelda clips online when I came across what may be the next Zelda game. Here is the link: . In this clip, it tells the new Hyrule and how it takes place, IN THE FUTURE!!! It talks of how Link is gonna look and how the weapons are gonna be. Please watch this clip and tell me what you think.

James writes:
Click this site, open your search feature, and look for entry number 682. All will be clear after that. If not, then you’ve just been fooled like we all were on April 1, 2007. Note the date.

erik writes:
i heard there makin a movie of this in a different country (see the tralores: go to myspace or and type in “the zelda movie”)

James writes:
No official word of a Zelda movie has ever been announced. Most videos and trailers you see on Myspace or Youtube are Fan Movies. They aren’t canon and they are made by aspiring film directors. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really good movies on Youtube; a lot of them even have strong fan bases. But, once again, nothing official has been stated on the net about a Zelda movie.

Smart Guy writes:
I am sick of hearing about the timeline.

It goes OOT-MM-TP-TWW-PH and TMC-FSA. That is it. I have four point as to why this is true.

1. When the first few Zelda games came out Miyamoto was not thinking about a timeline.

2. I have never seen a timeline that includes the three horrible Zelda games Nintendo did not produce. People may hate it but it is still Zelda.

3. Characters like Tingle reappear because the game suits them, not to extend the timeline.

4. Whether you agree or still disagree now this point will change your mind. When you look at the timeline who is in charge of it? Is it Miyamoto or Aonuma. When Miyamoto created OOT I believe he did not mean for it to have a split timeline. However, when Aonuma took over it is clear that he does believe in the split timeline theory. Who is right?

With the exception of the timelines I put up none of the other games were meant to be put in one. It’s time we stopped trying to.

James writes:
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. That is mainly every point I have been trying to make in this mailbag since Day 1. Just stated much better than I could explain.