Kokiri Mage7 writes:
I got to thinking about some things.

1) Why do you think Tingle isn’t in Twilight Princess?

2) Is it not said that the three golden goddesses (Din, Farore, and Nayru) departed for “the heavens” when their task was complete? And thus, would it not make sense that there be other gods (Cyclos and Zephos)?

3) Has anybody actually put the thought that it’s possible a new fairy going to help Link while he’s doing Phantom Hourglass?

4) Are you going to add the Twilight Princess version of Hyrule and the Twili to the “Lands of Hyrule” and “Races of Hyrule” sections under “Zelda Info”?

5) Sorry I made it so long. I’d really appreciate answers. Thank you. 🙂

James writes:
Let’s see: 1) More than likely because most people around the world don’t like him. That, and there probably wasn’t a good enough reason to include him.

2) If it follows along the similar way that Greek gods work, they live up in the heavens and only come down when they need to. It is listed that Zephos and Cyclos are gods, but they aren’t the main gods of the game. Similar to Greek mythology, Zeus was the king of all gods, but there were other gods below him that took care of other pieces of the world. But that’s just me.

3) This is from Wiki, so I don’t know how accurate it is: “After having a vision of Tetra being surrounded by darkness and calling for his help, Link is washed up on Melka Island and meets a fairy named Sierra, whose appearance is similar to that of Navi from Ocarina of Time.”

4) It will happen eventually… I am currently in Harry Potter mode, which is why the site is lacking in updates.

5) Meh, it happens. I love questions.

Kryn writes:
I was wondering…when you beat the whole game of Zelda OoT it shows Link returning to Hyrule Castle to find Zelda. Is there/going to be a squel to this that starts right from that point or is the MM sorta a squel to that?

James writes:
Majora’s Mask is the sequel to Ocarina of Time. You even see a flashback in the game itself that shows Zelda saying bye to you and telling you remember the Song of Time.

Connor writes:
Before I asked if there was a way to get to a second path in snowpeak…

Ok, you asked for a screenshot of some sort, I actually made a video… The link is:


Just hope this helps you…

Sorry for the bad quality/camera shaking, as I was running out of battery.

James writes:
That video was helpful to me to say this: There is no way to get there. It is just there are a visual effect of the mountains splitting. No mention of it in the strategy guide or anywhere online. There is nothing down there and no need to go down there.

chip daily writes:
This isn’t a question, but I have tried sending you emails, but I think the spam filter blocks them. Anyway, I wanted to contact you to give the news about some new Master Sword replicas and the possibility of a liscense.

A few months ago you posted on your website a link to those master swords on ebay, the ones with the flat guards, that don’t resemble the master sword all that much, well now a blacksmith has made a true Ocarina of Time style Master Sword. It is probably the best replica out there, by far the best I have ever seen, its the real deal. It has a carbon steel blade(like the ones used 500 years ago and more), amber jewel on the hilt, and weighs only 3 lbs. The guy is trying to liscense to it to Nintendo, and rumor is Nintendo was loosely following his making of the sword(found here: Site

its worth a read, he made it for his daughter). I heard is making a few more. The popularity of the Master Sword could lead to an Officially Liscened model for us all. For those who cannot a hand forged replica, here is a decent one on ebay, much better than the old ones: Site

Photos of the hand made sword here: Picture

I hope that all of the people wanting the master sword and the news spreading will reach Nintendo, so I told the best Zelda fan site first. I hope you didn’t mind me posting this through mail bag, I don’t intend for it to send it to mailbag but it was my only choice, but I would be really happy if you posted it as a weekly update so more people know about this. -thanks

James writes:
Posted for everyone to see. I have seen a lot of Master Sword replicas in my day. I don’t know what else to say than that. Hope everyone enjoys that.

nunya writes:
I thought that somebody would come up with this theory already, but even though the split-timeline theory has been confirmed no one seems to understand how easily the games fit together in the way I am about to show.

Ocarina of time kid story-windwaker-after that the other games fit in somehow , haven’t really though t of that yet but it isn’t a problem.

Ocarina of time adult story-twilight princess-minish cap-four swords games- the first one makes sense just like the old one did before twilight princess came around and the split-timeline theory was confirmed. Then the other one follows a new timeline, that does not conflict with anything. Ganon escaped from the golden realm and the sages captured him then twilight princess story starts, the twili become interchangeable with the picori (I believe that the twili became the picori similar to the way the zora became ritos), and the light force spoken of in minish cap are the powers of the light spirits which was given to zelda in twilight princess, then after many generations, the minish cap story starts. The light sword of twilight princess becomes the four sword during the minish cap. I know there are some holes in this theory but they could probabably be filled in by different zelda games with more thought than I have put into it and new zelda games being released. THe theory that you believe in contradicts with things said during the windwaker about the hero of time and him leaving hyrule which are obvious references to ocarina of time and majora’s mask and twilight princess can not fit in between majora’s mask and windwaker.

James writes:
What proof do you really have that the Twili became the Picori? They look NOTHING alike in any way, shape, or form. I am probably going to put my foot in my mouth here, but why would you evolve from a tall being to a really small one? Also, the Picori have also been around for a while; they were part of a different legend than that of the Twili. But that’s just me.

That One Guy From That One Place writes:
Well, firstly I want to say that I have been around on this website for a very long time, having it as my home page for almost four years now. I have never been an active part of the community for one reason or another, but I would like to appluad all of you on how relatively smoothly the site has been run despite all of the owner/staff changes. I have a few speculations and Questions to throw up in the air for you. I loved Twilight princess, in my opinion the best one-player game ever made. I am personally just wondering about the lack of certain things in Hyrulean Society in the game though. One, the lack of Human/Hylian (whichever you prefer) settlements in the game. I can think of 3 total, Ordon Village, Kakariko Village, and Hyrule castle town. Now, I understand that programing has it’s limits, but understandably if you are trying to portray any kind of humanoid race, we are greedy, and keep wanting to
expand our living space, it makes sense that there would be more than on major village, which is Hyrule castle town. It makes sense that there would be another village of at least equal merit somewhere in Hyrule. Although, It also makes sense that there would be a number of sparcely placed, smaller villages as well. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not asking for some online rpg game world where you find a village every ten seconds of roaming through the overworld. But it just makes sense. Ok, starting with Ordon Village, I really have nothing to critisize with it, it is supposed to be small, very out of the way, and have few in habitants. But what it does do is show where each individual person lives, and how they achieve each aspect of life. They have a smith, a ranch, a shop, how they get thier food (fishing, and a few sparse pumpkin plants, resembling crop fields). But the other villages, they seem incomplete somehow, Kakariko for instance, the village itself there isn’t many problems with, it has a few shops, an inn, and the shaman’s house/whatever type of building it is. But what it lacks is civilization. The only true inhabitants it has, are the shaman and his son, and the bomb shop man, the children don’t really live there, now it makes sense that there would be a dip in population, due to the attack of the shadow beasts, but what exactly are we supposed to assume happened to those in habitants, they were killed? I was under the imprssion that shadow beasts didn’t kill, only assimilate as it were. Therefore as soon as the twilight was removed from that area, they should have been returned to thier original form, correct? Ok, putting that aside, there are still issues with how they live, there are no farms around for miles, so they have no easy way to get food. they have no carpenters, smiths, etc. so how will they get the goods they want. Now, once again, I understand the limitations that programming, time and money puts on the game, but shouldn’t there at least be a farm, somewhere in the world besides Ordon village. During the supposed time period, most villages were self dependant, and kakariko just lacks too many things. Ok, so moving on to hyrule castle town, the capital, and biggest city in the game. It has the most civilization/people of all of the cities in the game, now I think it is the best job nintendo has done in portraying a large city in a zelda game. But, one question always comes to mind as I walk through the city, where do all of these people live? there is no way, the city is big enough to house all of those inhabitants. I see one other problem with the city, all of the colorful fruits and vegetables at the market in the southern part of the town, where does it come from, once again, there is a lack of farms in the game, so I see no way for them to get any of that fruit. And since the deletion of the windmill from oot, no way for them to get bread either, maybe they could get goat meat imported from Ordon, but once again, most villages were self dependant. And in so far as the other race villages, they also seem incomplete to me. Now the Gorons are essentially tribal, and it would make sense that they have an essentially communistic society. (sidenote, i’ve always wondered what goron women look like) So it would also make sense, that they would all live like one big happy family, and most likely all in the same place, but where is that? With the grons it gets somewhat simpler on the whole eating thing, because they eat rocks, and where they live they are easily accessable. Now, the Zora village, they are considerably more advanced in thier way of thinking than the gorons, and may even be more intelligent than some hylians. To me personally it seems like they would have perhaps the same type of vilage (with differences due to the waterfall, and that they can breath underwater) as hyrule castly town, businesses and stores of every shape and kind, instead there is none. (going back to the goron village, why at the only solitary store they have, are they
selling things that would not be useful to a goron?) Now On some of this I will admit I’m being nitpicky, but if you put it all together, for me anyway, it just creates this huge hole in the game. Like I said it’s the best game I’ve ever played, but it does have flaws. Now due to the logetivity of this letter as it is, I will make my last few questions short.

1) What do you think happened to the kokiri, deku, shiekah, and gerudo? (The shiekah, probably becoming extinct, or mixed with the hylians so much you can’t tell anymore,same with the gerudo due to the lack of males in thier population, the kokiri probably hiding deep in the forest under the protection of the deku tree, but i’d like your opinion & what about the deku)

2)There is eveidence in 3 places in the game that there was once a town/city there, the temple of time, arbiters grounds, and snowpeak mansion, with the arbiters grounds and the temple of time, there had to be a place for the prison guards and thier families to live, thus bringing business people with them to cater to the guards needs. where were the priests dwellings for the temple of time, and where did the owner of snowpeak mansion get all of his/her supplies, there had to be a town there. What do you think?

3)Could you offer some speculation on links parents, the closest thing we ever get to mentioning them in any of the games is links grandma in windwaker.

James writes:
First off, why must you torture me with just a long question? Anyway.

First off, you placing too much on a video game to be perfect. Games are supposed to be an escape from reality; suspension of disbelief has to be there for you to truly enjoy a game. Why you are thinking about why villages aren’t capable of holding all it’s inhabitants and how they live day to day. You should be more concerned about the journey of Link and nothing else. I would probably think that all the villages are interlinked in trades of goods, food, and other items. The main export of Kakariko being bombs, Ordon being dairy and meats, and Hyrule being defense and attack items. But, once again, you are putting too much thought into that. Anyway…

1) The shiekah in this timeline seemed to have been either put into extreme hiding, or died out. The only one that looks to be a survivor is Impaz, but that isn’t really confirmed (well, I don’t think). I think once again you are putting too much thought into this. The Kokiri must be hiding deep with the forest somewhere, or are turning ever so slightly into the Koroks. The Dekus are probably in extreme hiding as well, or they moved entirely to Termina. The Gerudo is also an interesting question, but I do not have a possible answer for that. They might have been pushed out of the Desert when someone invaded. Who that someone is I do not know.

2) Wasn’t it said that the Temple of Time was pretty much for show as a entrance to the Sacred Realm? Was there ever any reference to priests worshipping there? The Arbiter’s Grounds is probably the remains of the Gerudo Fortress and their settlement. To answer that you would have to answer the same question for Ocarina of Time. Snowpeak is interesting as well. But, the Yeti’s more than likely take food and supplies from Zora’s Domain, since a lot of people tend to see them around their area.

3) Actually, you actually forgot the mention of Link’s mother in Ocarina of Time, and Link’s Uncle in ALttP. I don’t Link’s family is as important to the plot of the games as people put onto it.

Keenudakeaton writes:
Okay, I have quite a few things to talk about. lets start with the first thing(duh). Shigeru Miyamoto and Aonuma seem to do a lot of interveiws where they reveal small details and answers to zelda questions. I was wondering if they ever said (and I know this is kinda random)why the kokiri sword looks so different in Majoras Mask? Just wondering> and speaking of Majoras Mask, did the deku scrub you turn into have a name? the zora and the goron did so…

Next thing, Link in the OoT and WW both had a tittle. the hero of time and the hero of winds. so, did Link from TP have one? when he was in wolf form and talking to the light spirits, they called him Blue-eyed Beast. could that have been his tittle? Didn’t Midna say that in her world there was a legend of a blue eyed beast that would save them from evil or somthing.

lastly, a few weeks ago itried to become a member of this site and it said that my email adress was already in use I think that means I m already a member . I do remember joining this site awhile back, but I wasn’nt as internetly active back then and I thought that because I didn’t log in enough, my membership was disbanded. I tried that “foget your password? click here” thing, but I didn’t get an email. please explain whats going on. thanks, and sorry about this entry being so long.

James writes:
First: I don’t remember reading why it looks different. If you also notice, it’s named differently. This probably is due to the fact that Link was probably presented with a blade before he left for Termina. If you remember, the Kokiri Sword was “on loan” so to speak. The Deku doesn’t have a name that I know of. He is, more than likely, the lost son of the Butler in the Deku Palace though, if I remember correctly.

Next thing: It’s Title, not tittle (*laughs*). Not every hero in the series has to have a title. Not all the games have a title for the hero. Those are probably left open to interpretation.

Lastly: Send me an email at James (at) Zeldauniverse dot net with your email address, and I’ll work on it for you.

hyllian h3ro writes:
i’m so sorry but could you answer a pokemon question it could save me £25.do you have to get pokemon emerald to complete the hoenn pokedex.sorry.

James writes:
Last I checked, this was a ZELDA SITE, so why should I be dealing with this? I do believe there are plenty of Pokemon fansites everyone on the nets.

Linkfan16 writes:
I just wanted to inform everybody who has bought the japanese version of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, that there’s a bug in the game. You can discover some islands that are not on your sea chart before, and if you sail very close to them before you’ve discovered them, the game will stay in the cutscene where you normally discover the island. There is no way out of this as far as I can say, so you should save after every important event (e.g. when you’ve finished a dungeon).

James writes:
Thank you for that tip.