lsmagill writes:
i don`t get why people think ganon is really gone after playing tp. yes, link does shove the master sword into him. but why would there be a cut scene after that which shows vant twitch his head? doesn`t anyone else think that was too simple a way to kill ganon, the biggest enemy in zelda. and he still had the triforce of power. wasn`t it mentioned earlier in the game that ganon had lent vant some of that power. so maybe ganon could jump bodies carrying the triforce with. just interested to know what people think. thats just what i got out of the ending.

James writes:
Hmm… You make a wonderful point on the fact that Ganon can hand over some of his power. But, I saw it in the form that Ganon used Zant as a puppet. Because, Zant also claims that Ganon broke out before you even face him, and that he is waiting for you in Hyrule Castle. That would mean that Ganon is not in Zant, therefore just using him as a puppet. I still don’t know why it was Zant that snapped his neck, then Ganon died. Also, you claim that he still has the Triforce of Power. Didn’t you see him show his hand and the Triforce disappear? That told me that he lost the Triforce, because he then died. I don’t know, that ending is definitely open for interpretation.

Flare writes:
While randomly glancing around the internet today, I came across this article on Joystiq:

His Link

It’s essentially just a bunch of pictures of the shields through out the Zelda Games, but if you look closely at the designs, you can’t help but seem some connections. This got me thinking about the timeline theory.

If you look at the shields, the similarity of TMC’s and TWW’s is undeniable. They’re essentially the same shield. Now, it’s sort of insignificant, but the detail can’t be ignored, and it clearly links the games. As such, I propose a timeline theory of sorts.

Essentially, it only relates to the Four Swords. In your site’s own theory, you decided not to place the Four Swords games in the timeline since they seem separate and essentially don’t interact with the rest of the games. However, I propose that The Minish Cap actually follows The Wind Waker. Now, of course, Phantom Hourglass falls in between them at some point, but I think that TMC also lies somewhere on TWW’s timeline. Following it is of course Four Swords, and then Four Swords Adventures.

Granted, the link is somewhat iffy, but it’s there, and I figured it was worth airing.

James writes:
It is probably might be a coincidence that the shields look alike. However, it may not. I am in the boat that Zelda started being a timeline once OoT came out. OoT, MM, the Oracles, TMC, TWW, TP, the FS games, and PH all lie in that group. So, they might be linked somehow.

Light Ganon 112m writes:
Do you think that, in a later game, link will have to quest for Ganons triforce? Because in the past games(LoZ and AoL) he has had to quest for both Zelda’s and his own.

James writes:
Well, the way that Twilight Princess ended sounds like it could be a good setup for the journey for the ToP. However, like I always say, that is up to those in charge to what happens.

Keenudakeaton writes:
This might seem like a dumb question, but are four swords and four swords adventure 2 different games or the same game with different mechanics? I have the gameboy advance ALTTP/FS game, but foolishly did not know you need 3 other cartriges and people and gameboys to play the FS part. I also have the gamecube FSA but I can’t tell if its a whole new game or just a version that one person can play alone. I think its a diferent one but am not positive.

James writes:
The Four Sword game that comes with ALttP on the GBA is more of a multiplayer games, where FSA can be played either way. They both are based on a similar concept, but they do differ. Four Sword definitely comes first. You go through three levels of multiplayer and that’s it. It is more of an added bonus for buying the game. FSA is a full adventure of the same premise, but it follows FS. FSA starts with you already sealing Vaati in FS and then he breaks out again. Does that help?

oni-ren writes:
Is there any way out of the “Sky Cannon Glitch” on Twilight Princess? Do you know if Nintendo has released a newer version of the game with this glitch fixed yet? I should have known better, having heard about it before, but I completely forgot when I actually reached the notorious room. A warning to all: DO NOT save in the Sky Cannon room, or you will be stuck there with no way to continue your game!

James writes:
Yes, they did fix it. But, the link I provided back when I reported seemed to have been a very crappy one. So, here is the link again: This Page. Nintendo did tell everyone that they goofed and decided that if you sent your game in, they would send it back fixed. The glitch would be gone, and possibly any other major bugs they left in. More than likely, the game you see on the shelf is the newest version, however, if it isn’t, you have that link now.

Keenudakeaton writes:
I have a question about zelda’s newest race, the twili. The ones in the twilight relm, are they naked with black and blueish-white skin, or do they just have blueish-white skin with strange black clothing? I ask this because when Midna turns into her true form at the end of TP, it looks like anything black on her is part of the cloak she’s wearing. i was tinkng of drawing a twili version of link and i want to know weather to make his skin black and white or just white with a black tunic. thanks

James writes:
The general idea I get from those I asked is that it is their skin that you see, but those in power wear some clothing. That’s why Zant looks like he wears clothes, as well as Midna when she loses the curse. Hope that helps.

mon da celts writes:
I live in the uk and would like to know if their is anywhere (apart from the internet) that i could buy zelda merchandise.Thanks.

James writes:
Since I do not the United Kingdom that well, I don’t know what you have over there. More than likely, there will be some obscure store that has merchandise. You should check out the Nintendo of Europe site and see where they sell stuff. In America, we have Nintendo World in New York City, but they also sell stuff in most Hot Topic’s and other random stores.

Korokoro writes:
This is debated pretty annoyingly on forums and wikipedia, so I was wondering if there was any official word (ie, from the translators, or even better, from the original game) of whether the Sols were the guardian deities Midna mentioned, and whether Twilight Hyrule was an extension of the Twilight Realm (sort of like overlapping dimensions from the Twilight Zone), or merely a cursed version of Hyrule. My experience with the Dark World leads me to believe the extension bit, what with the Dark World’s mention in OoT and, how it acted in FSA. But I’m no Shigeru, so I was wondering if you guys knew of any official word, and if not….

Could you please ask it in the next interview one of you or the rest of the community gets with the official guys? For me?

James writes:
Meh, if you want to get it asked in an interview, TSA would be your man. I will bring it up. I would have to think of it this way, since the Twilight Realm is able to take over. The Twilight Realm is just that, Twilight. Midna even mentions something about that during the game, that we see it during our own Twilight. Therefore, the realm is more of a interdimensional rift that you can get stuck in if you use the Twilight Mirror. It also explains why people from Hyrule were able to see into the Realm when it was taking over, but those monsters couldn’t see them, they were in different dimensions of space. It’s just that, the Twilight part was becoming more prominent so the light people were being phased out. Think of it this way: If Zant was victorous

and the Twilight Realm had taken over, the Twilight Realm would have been the more prominent part of Hyrule, and the Light People would be the phased part. This would be easier to understand if I could reference Stargate: SG-1…

Light Ganon 112m writes:
Here some things I hope you can respond too.

1. I’m taking a vote! Do you think the fairy in PH will be navi, tatl, scullkid’s other fairy, or a new fairy?

2. I have found seven different Gods throughout the Zelda games(Din, Nayru, Farore, Great Deku Tree, Jabu-Jabu(Jabun), Valvagia(Valoo), Zephos).

So why isn’t the triforce called the sepforce? I can think of seven charecters to give a piece too(Ganon, Zelda, Link, Wizard(name veries), Majora, Impa, Vaati).

If your wondering how I connected Gods to charecters here it is: Din to Ganon, Nayru to Zelda, and Farore to Link, shuold all be easy to figure out. Next, Deku Tree to Wizard(ex. names; wizard who put Zelda into “eternal” sleep, Agahnim, Zant)-both comeback to life after death(wizard with a different name though). Jabu-Jabu to Majora- Majora is as mysterious as the Zora, who worship Jabu-Jabu. Valvagia to Impa- both protective. Finaly, Zephos to Vaati- both cotrolers of the wind.

James writes:
1. From the videos I see already, it sounds like Navi. But, that would confuse poor timeline purists, now wouldn’t it?

2. Because you are claiming someone as a god when you shouldn’t. Besides the first three, those others you listed were more guardians over a race and looked upon as a god, not a god.

*LoZ-PH* writes:
I have a theory about the evolution of zoras. warnig: this might not work for timelines.

My theory goes like so; first they were Zolas and were untamable! Next, Jabu-Jabu was able to control them and as such he was called a god. They

were then known as Zoras. Then when Hyrule was flooded Jabu-Jabu became Jabun and told the zora to mix with birds for the waters were no-longer safe. They became the Rito.

Speaking of Jabu-Jabu; do you think he might have been the Wind Fish from LA? If not what do you think happend to the wind fish.

James writes:
It does work, but as you said, it doesn’t work for timelines. As Ocarina of Time is the first game, Zora’s were already there. And you see Zolas in the first and third games. They come later. So, unless there were games before that say what you say, then I would say no.

I don’t think he’s the Wind Fish, as again, if you’re a timeline person, Jabu came first. As for the Wind Fish, he disappeared when Koholint disappeared. That game seems confusing to begin with anyway, with the whole dream thing.

Tony writes:
Why does everybody hate the idea of a Tingle RPG so much? I know there’s a lot of hatred towards Tingle, which I never personally understood, but it’s still another game. I mean, is everyone that biased towards Tingle that they won’t even try a game. It doesn’t look that bad, even if it is weird. But, I mean, the thing that angers me the most, is that since they don’t want it, they don’t even want it to come out. Don’t ruin the experience for somebody else; if you don’t want it, don’t get it. I can’t understand why people said “Don’t you dare bring it over” when Nintendo Power did that poll. It just ruins the experience for everyone. It just makes me mad. What do you think?

Also, is there any news of it coming stateside? If it doesn’t, I’m blaming the idiots of the community who decided to ruin our chances and fun, and I’ll be angry. Anyways, thanks.

James writes:
I don’t know the hatred of Tingle. I think it might stem from the fact that he DOES come off annoying, like Jar-Jar Binks annoying. For some reason, people here don’t like him. But, he is more of Japanese staple, which is why he is loved over there. I would play a Tingle RPG, just to try it out. As for when it comes out, it is coming to Europe, so it will be possible to come to the states.

Dark James writes:
Warning: spoilers
I know there is a Dark Link, seen in AoL, OoT, and FSA, but do you think there will ever be a Light Ganon? You would have to team up with him to defeat Ganon, or whoever would be the badguy!

Also, in MM what the heck does the feild in the moon symbolize?

Finaly, tell me what you think of this timeline I made. Sorry it’s long.

1.TMC-(at end) with Vaati defeated Link settles down.
2.OoT-(at end) Zelda sends Link back in time, where Ganon is locked a way before finding the triforce.
3.MM-(at begining) young Link goes to a new land where he meets Majora(‘s mask).(at end) with Major defeated Link goes into hiding.
4.OoS/OoA-(at begining)the triforce convinces Link to come out of hiding to stop two witches from bring Ganon back.(at end) Ganon remains locked away, now in the Twilight realm.
5.TP-(at begining) Ganon tries to take over from the Twilight realm.(at end) Ganon is defeated, and apears to die.
6.FS/FSA- Vaati escepes. Link puts him back in the sword. Using a dark mirror Ganon becomes whole, creats a dark link, and realses Vaati. Link destroys Vaati and puts Ganon in the sword.
7.LoZ-(at begining) Ganon escapes sword.(at end) Ganon is sent back to sacred realm.
8.AoL-Link must awake the princess, while Ganon’s men try to get link’s blood.(at end) Link sucseeds and Ganon’s men fail to win his blood.
9.AlttP-Ganon tries to take over from the spirit world. Link kills(for real) him in the end.
10.LA-(at begining) Link goes out to find info about Ganon’s ash. Instead he gets shiprecked.(at end) He wakes the Wind Fish and returns home.
11.When he returns Ganon’s men kill Link and sprinkel his blood on Ganon’s ash. This revives Ganon, with no Link to stop him. Instead the sages flood hyrule to protect it.
12.TWW- new Link rises and saves both Zelda and his sister, but also turns Ganon to stone.
So sorry for longness. So sorry for misspellings.

James writes:
Your name a play on mine? Nice. Anyway, to your question. For the Light Ganon, that idea would be VERY far-fetched an idea to stray down. I don’t know how they would be able to pull that off.

Does the moon’s field have to symbolize anything? Really, I haven’t a clue, probably the idea that the moon is vast and that Link should just stop and smell the roses. If anyone has a better symbolism for it, let me know.

What’s with all the timelines going on here? That, and like I have said a million times, I am not a timeline theorist. Also, I am also in the boat that states that there is only a timeline in the Ocarina saga, which means that only games after Ocarina of Time really have a timeline. Well, the 3D ones anyway.

Keenuakeaton writes:
ok, first off, I know this is, like, the 3rd or 4th submission I’ve sent in, like, 4 or 5 days, and you seem to think thats annoying. I’m sorry, but I didn’t think of all my questions all at once. Anyway, as for the questions, I have two. Firstly, are you absalutaley sure you don’t have a release date for PH? Its just, if Japan already has it out, then shouldn’t we in America get reletively soon? Second, I just relized that the story of the wind waker(Hyrule sinking under the ocean) sounds a lot like the myth of Atlantis. What do tou think? could nintendo possabley have been inspired for TWW by Atlantis? Don’t get me wrong, I love the wind waker. It was my first Zelda game. It’s just something to consider, you know.

James writes:
I don’t get annoyed my multiple submissions. I know the fact that you think of a question after hitting submit. It happens. Anyway, first off: No, we don’t have a set date for the American or European release of Phantom Hourglass. It is now out in Japan, but they are being hush about us. More than likely, they are waiting for this wonderful new E3 to let the cat out of the bag and get us all excited for it. Secondly, yes, Wind Waker does sound a little like the Atlantis myth. However, the way that Nintendo conceived the flooding of Hyrule was not explored in the Myth of Atlantis. That, or I haven’t read a lot about Atlantis. I read that Atlantis sank for undisclosed reasons, but there is no proof that it exists. Hyrule sank to hide it from Ganondorf. Maybe Nintendo knows more about Atlantis than we do.

Connor writes:
Ok, I haven’t gotten to this path yet, but maybe you have…

You know Snowpeak? You know when you first walk into it from Zora’s Domain you see 2 paths? One headed straight to Snowpeak Ruins and the other headed…well… I don’t know! Do you have any idea where this path might lead? Yes, your answer might be, “Go there yourself!” But… well… I don’t know how! It’s a river! And the water damages you! I tried finding alternative routes, but no luck. Any idea how to get there?

James writes:
It’s only one path, but it is so wide enough to look like two. If I believe I know what you’re talking about, just go across the water and get to the other ledge. I haven’t seen the other “path” you speak of, a screenshot might help me out if you can obtain one.