The mailbag over the past couple of months really hasn’t gotten many submissions. Whatever the lack of submissions, there will still coming in to be answered. However, when I run the mailbag, I tend to submit only where there is a nice amount of emails built up, therefore not wasting space. So, on May 6, 2007, I decided to combine the mailbag into Hey! Listen! each week, so that people’s questions were answered and not being ignored. That, and add another section to a nice weekly feature. Here are all the emails I answered from May 6 until June 3, all in one nice nifty package. Enjoy.

ZenZodiac writes:
I have not heard anyone talking about twilight princess time line placement, but wouldn’t it seem logical,that it place in the alternate time line theory, in the time line where Link is sent back form ocarina of time and there is only Zelda.(Because in tp it showed the sages sealing ganondorf away and not the hero) Or could it be that the sealing of ganondorf was just a retelling of the sealing that happened in oot during the final battle. What are your thoughts on this?

James writes:
I believe that the powers that be announced that Twilight Princess takes place years after the child timeline of Ocarina of Time. Meaning, Link went back in time, went to Termina, and never returned. Ganondorf was sealed by the Sages and sent to the Twilight Realm, because he was still technically wondering about, because the future that Link and Zelda gave him never happened. They also claim (I could be wrong) that Ganondorf in The Wind Waker was the one that was sealed at the end of the Adult Timeline. This makes NO sense to me or many, but that’s what they claim.

zelda_geek writes:
For all those people that played Twilight Princess and beat it you know that it was easier than you expected don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved this game and the boss battles are amazing but the final boss battle was pretty disappointing but some what hard. I played through the cave of ordeals which was really hard especially the final stage where you fight the darknuts. That’s where I died. Overalll I would give this a game a 5 out of 5 for being awesome.

James writes:
I will admit, I died A LOT in this game compared to the others before it. But, most of the times I died, it was mainly out of stupidity and it was early in the game. Overall, the game was easy, with the occasional challenge. The two most challenging bosses of the game, in my opinion, were Stallord and Agrorok. Stallord’s first part was annoying just because of those ghosts that blocked his spine. Getting around those were annoying. His second part was a challenge as well, avoiding traps, his attacks, and hitting him the right way. Agrorok was just a challenge due to it being in the air and having to keep grappling around and around and around. But, alas, I rant.

Arturo writes:
Do you think Nintendo is sincerely concerned that Zelda games follow a story? Or at least, are they aware of all these timeline theorizing?

James writes:
First part of the question: They are not really that concerned with the timeline, but they have been trying over the years to implement one. I believe many interviews given it was said that gameplay and graphics rule over story and timeline placement. They get their fair share, but it’s not high on priority. I still don’t think they know themselves where it’s going, but that’s just me. As for the second part: They have to know about the timeline theories. If they know about the speedruns, they HAVE to know about what we think. They probably get a kick about many of the theories we pull out of the air.

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mr.T writes:
In the end of the game, when Midna is leaving to the Twilight Realm, she says to Link that they will meet again. But she destroys the Mirror of Twilight!!! So can you tell me how they can possibly meet each other again??

James writes:
It’s called a very obscure plot device that only Nintendo could pull. That, and she probably said it mockingly, since she knew it couldn’t be.

linksta35 writes:
I know this is late but a while ago you said there was a majic bar in TP in the hidden village. Were you serious. Same about the Triforce in OOT.

James writes:
I believe you should go back to that Mailbag and reread the last part. That’s the problem with internet sarcasm… It doesn’t pass off the same as the real life stuff.

Jose writes:
Hi. Well You know that commercial of the Wind Waker that the girl is talking bla bla bla, and say in the ending to fulfill his destiny which is to save me. Whos me? Is it Aryll or Zelda? i was a zelda webmaster myself and tons of people asked me this.

James writes:
For those wondering which commerical, let my friends at YouTube refresh your memory. Now, remembering that video and playing through the game, it could be both. The initial reason why Link left his island was to save his sister, Aryll, from Ganondorf. He doesn’t accomplish that until halfway through the game. Now, if you want to go deeper, it could be Tetra/Zelda for this reason: Ganondorf wanting both Link and Zelda for the Triforce causes Link’s purpose to change slightly halfway through the game. After saving his sister, he goes on his
journey, goes back to Hyrule, and then has resave Zelda from Ganondorf. So, I don’t have a definite answer, but I would say Aryll. But, what I want to know is why she has a british accent if this game is essentially a Japanese game?

Linkedblade writes:
As everyone knows Zelda’s community has been strong for years, nonetheless I think it’s starting to fall. I just think as the older fans start to have lives, there just haven’t been enough younger ones to fill their place. Like Dampe, TRM, and TML, have started to fade from the community. So all I’m asking is where is our community going and what will happen if it starts to fade. . .?

James writes:
I think that as long as all of us continue to remain Zelda fans, this community will never truly die. You also to add in the fact that the Zelda community is kinda like a business in this sense: There will always be someone with the same skill level to replace those leaving. What I mean is that in any company, you’ll find that the new people are trained to take over for those leaving the company. The knowledge of running sites is also one of those things that really isn’t that difficult, you just have to be very competent at it. The only way I really ever see the Zelda community dying is if the games die. Which, the way they are going, I don’t see that happening for a long time.

The Missing Link writes:
Hello, I am ‘the Missing Link’ wanting your opinion on this thought:

When Link was teleported to Termina, he left Hyrule and when into an alternate diminsion. In Wind Waker, Link’s clan still remains. I believe that time slows down in Termina. Here’s an example:

Ten years in Termina = 1000 years in Hyrule

If you are one of the ones that believes that Link reencarnates, then it must be logical that after he spent some time in the land of Termina, he returned to Hyrule to find that it has sunken under the water. I think that if this was true, it may’ve been a “last hope” by King Hyrule to use the Triforce to sink it. Link might’ve fled to an island and had children.

Also, in the beginning of Majora’s Mask, it says that Link set off on a journey to find a “close friend”. A lot of people interpritted that they meant Skull Kid, but I beg to differ. I belive that he was searching for Navi. It was a direct sequal to OoT, meaning that Navi was around at the time. Your

James writes:
First, I believe that most people actually believe the close friend was Navi, he just ended up never finding her and saving Termina. Plus, I think you may have to look up the word “reincarnate”. If are reincarnated, you don’t necessarily have to procreate. You die and then you come back in the form of another lifeform, which in the case of Link, is the same blonde haired, green tuniced body. I do not really see any evidence, though, that could allow time to be slower in Termina, other than the fact that Link keeps going back in time and is in a Groundhog Day loop.

Zack W. writes:
Any chance of reviving the Interactive Story? I use to spend hours reading it! It was astounding. What happened to it? Will you ever revive it?

James writes:
I believe that there would have to be a lot of people who would want it back. If I get enough response, maybe we could bring it back.

Akilis writes:
What do we do if we spot a flaw in on-site content? Who should we contact?

James writes:
James (at) zeldauniverse dot net. Send me an email and link me to the page and what is wrong. I check my email daily, so if you send me an email, I will check it. Whether or not it lets me respond is another story, but I will check out the problem and try to fix it.

danny gamboa writes:
no one can go without a twilight princess sequal i mean come on im not a fan just to watch you not do anything oh yeah the creator needs more less spazness got it

James writes:
Well, seeing as though I didn’t understand a word you just said, I will do my best to answer this. I don’t know what direction those people at Nintendo are planning, just that the new game will be different from what Zelda has been. We will probably not know anything about the new Zelda game until possibly next year.