File this under “I should have posted this earlier in the week” category. The Smash Bros. site is back online if you missed it.

Nintendo, more specifically, those involved with Smash Bros. Brawl have relaunched the Smash website with some goodies. However, you should have already knew that if you have been visiting the site in the past week.

Keeping on a promise I seemed to have missed, the site has been updated at least once a day. The updates range from a little more character bios, to new items, to new scenary, to the list of every musician giving their soul to this game. This week, you noticed that Mario, Link, and Pit’s bios were updated, as well as a new item, the Gooey Bomb. The Gooey Bomb is pretty much a very good ripoff of the Plasma Bomb from Halo. They also showed the Battlefield stage that we have been seeing in all the trailers.

The site is, the english version located here.

Old News: Smash Bros. Website 5/27/2007 James