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Hey! Listen! The Zelda/Nintendo Report for May 20, 2007

Community News

ZeldaBlog No More – In a bizarre twist of fate, The Missing Link, the webmaster of the ZeldaBlog, has decided to shut down his site effective immediately. The site is home to many wonderful fanfiction pieces that work as a double for the timeline, as well as just general Zelda talk. TML cites his decision being based on the basic fact that he has lost the interest of keeping the site up, and the site is more a chore than a fun hobby nowadays. He does note that he isn’t leaving the community altogether; he will still contribute to Zelda Legends every so often and still post around the message boards. We at ZU wish TML the best at whatever he decides to do from here on out and hope he accomplishes all he wishes to do. – Link

If you have any community news, I would appreciate a drop at James (at) Zeldauniverse (dot) net.

Nintendo & Friends

Mario Through the Ages – I found this nifty little thing on GayGamer.net. It’s a chart of how well each Mario game in the series has faired over the others. It should come as no surprise that the original SMB has sold the most since it’s release at 6.8 Million units. The surprise is probably number 2, which was the New Super Mario Bros. on DS, which has sold 4.4 Million units. The top five rounds out to Super Mario Land, Super Mario 3, and Super Mario World. If you can’t read the text at the top (if you click their link), the games are all four Mario Advances, Yoshi’s Island DS, Mario Sunshine, Mario 64 DS, and a Famicom game. – Link

Best Use of the Wii-mote Yet – If you know me, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read all the books more than once looking for things Jo has hidden. I have watched all four movies. I am waiting until July to declare it Harry Potter month. But, I have also played all the games. While the first two were good, the third was meh, and the fourth flat out sucked, I actually can’t wait for the fifth game. Especially for the Wii. There is a video on GameTrailers (while the link I give is bits bytes pixels & sprites) of the gameplay of the fifth Harry Potter game for the Wii. I must say, July is turning out to be the best month ever. The game uses the Wii-mote almost perfectly in conjuction with spells and the world and characters look amazing. This, my friends, is the true potential of the Wii. – Link

Multiplying Rabbids – If you were a fan of the multiplayer game, Rayman Raving Rabbids, on the Wii, they are planning a sequel. Ubisoft announced that they are making the sequel and they are planning on adding a little more dialogue and background on the Rabbids. They have not shown many new mini-games, but hopefully the dancing game will still be in there. – Link

Console Wars! – Joystiq posted something that another site posted about the trend of sales the next-gen consoles have had since PS3 and Wii were released. Not surprisingly was the Wii dominated the field with 2.4 million units sold. The best part of this was that the PS2 did better than the PS3, and the Gamecube (a now “defunct” gaming console) did better than the 360 and the PS3. I can understand the 360 not doing so well after a year of existance, but the PS3? With a nice $600 price tag and next to no good games for it right now, that shocks me. You can check out what they said at the link. – Link

May 19th 2007: Internet Goes Boom – Apparently when Blizzard has a hold on the gaming market, everyone gets happy at the same time over a huge announcement. Well, Starcraft 2 was finally announced Saturday after the first game was released almost ten years ago. Everyone knew it was coming, but no one knew when. They announced it at a Blizzard event in South Korea. Thousands waited in line just to hear the announcement of the game, so who knows what the actual release will bring. – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

I don’t know how many people remember the Atari 2600, but without it, gaming probably wouldn’t have had a chance to evolve. Well, someone decided to make a candle out of the controller. Now I need this, although I never use candles. It still would look cool.


Jose writes:

Hi. Well You know that commercial of the Wind Waker that the girl is talking bla bla bla, and say in the ending to fulfill his destiny which is to save me. Whos me? Is it Aryll or Zelda? i was a zelda webmaster myself and tons of people asked me this.

James writes:

For those wondering which commerical, let my friends at YouTube refresh your memory. Now, remembering that video and playing through the game, it could be both. The initial reason why Link left his island was to save his sister, Aryll, from Ganondorf. He doesn’t accomplish that until halfway through the game. Now, if you want to go deeper, it could be Tetra/Zelda for this reason: Ganondorf wanting both Link and Zelda for the Triforce causes Link’s purpose to change slightly halfway through the game. After saving his sister, he goes on his journey, goes back to Hyrule, and then has resave Zelda from Ganondorf. So, I don’t have a definite answer, but I would say Aryll. But, what I want to know is why she has a british accent if this game is essentially a Japanese game?