What a title to this news. There was another Famitsu magazine article about Phantom Hourglass, which someone has translated. More inside.

After the last debacle we had at ZU, we apparently learned our lesson and let someone translate this scan. Once again, those boys over at The Hylia did the work, now here are the results.

The scan reconfirmed Link’s initial quest in the game, and that is to rescue Tetra. From what, we still do not know. New characters are introduced as well, though the names are not finalized. The fairy is indeed a companion, and there will be an old man to help you, but his name and purpose are not yet known. New gameplay incentives are that Sea Charts in the main temple allow Link access to the Islands in the vicinity. New details about a certain (or even all the dungeons) surfaced in this scan as well.

It details the curse that the temples have. Apparently, each temple is cursed and Link only has a certain amount of time to enter, get what he needs, and leave. The time allotted is the sand of time you receive for your Phantom Hourglass (thus the name of the game). If this is the premise of the Phantom Hourglass, it would seem logical that all temples be cursed.

This, of course, remains to be confirmed true. I am not doubting the translation over at the Hylia, but after what happened to us, I think everything on the net translated should be rumor until confirmed true. So, if this is true, a lot of new stuff about the game that doesn’t have a release date (except in Japan).

Source: The Hylia