You better go to bed and wake up pretty early tomorrow if you want to score a Wii.

There was a rumor earlier today that stated that Best Buy would be carrying Wii’s tomorrow. This, of course, was reported on Kotaku.

Mere hours later, Kotaku received some tips stating the rumor was indeed true. The flier for Best Buy tomorrow has stores carrying 12 per store and limiting 1 per customer. Of course, some bigger market stores may carry more, but that fact is a rumor itself.

So, if you have nothing planned tomorrow, have $250 lying around for a rainy day, and don’t currently own a Nintendo Wii, tomorrow’s your day.

On a slightly unrelated note, if Hey! Listen! isn’t up by the end of the night, it will be up tomorrow afternoon. Also, I have only received 3 mailbag mails, so *nudge* More would be appreciated if you want to see one soon.

Source: Kotaku

Best Buy Has Wii’s 4/21/2007 James