You might notice that this week’s HEY! LISTEN! is late, and that I’m not Pipking. The reason for this will be revealed inside.

A couple of days ago Pipking decided to step down from the ZU news team. He was responsible for getting us updating the main site on a regular basis, and always had some witty comment to make about the news he posted. He will be missed.

When he stepped down he offered me the chance to run HEY! LISTEN!, so that’s why I’m writing this. With luck I’ll do as good a job as he has.

Now, on to the news.

Community News:

Link – Exploding Deku Nut started their “Hyrule Trivia Season” on Saturday. Unfortunately that means that if you haven’t already signed up, it’s too late. However, best of luck to the current contestants.

That’s about it for community news. Pipking stressed this, and I shall also, send us links to any community news. (However, the e-mail address for HEY! LISTEN! Has been changed. Send any news you have to gdwarf at zeldauniverse dot net.) After all, I can’t report news I don’t know about. Don’t worry about annoying me with stuff that’s too small to bother posting, I’d much rather have too much stuff then not have enough.

Nintendo & Friends:

Link – Bad news for those of you who want a complete VC collection, Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that there are currently no plans for a Wii external Hard drive. Of course, they haven’t ruled out the possibility that one will be made in the future. (I can hope.)

Link – So, in an interesting move, the amazing Shigeru Miyamoto has posted a question on Yahoo Answers, asking people when they first heard the name Nintendo and what the name means to them.

Link – More bad news, it has been confirmed that, despite the Gamespy matchmaking service, Nintendo will continue to give individual games their own friend codes.

Link – Peer-IGN (I must confess that I don’t know the names of the IGN staff) has posted a blog entry about some minor technical issues that the Wii has, at least I know I’m not alone in experiencing the “black hole”.

So, that’s it for this week’s HEY! LISTEN!, next week it should update on Sunday and (with luck) will be longer.

Until then, remember to send in news (Again, that’s gdwarf at zeldauniverse dot net) and enjoy yourselves.