It’s already been let loose in Europe, Australia, and Japan. But now, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is making its way to American Virtual Consoles…

It’s been confirmed that The Adventure of Link, the second Zelda game and the most… unique… of the lot, is making its way to US soil. The game has been swept under the rug by most Zelda fans, but now that Nintendo’s going to be showing it off it won’t be so easy to ignore.

I never did like AoL that much myself – its style is very different from that of other 2D Zelda games, and it’s just a really hard game as well. I could never get past the first dungeon, something which still gets me derisive snickers from some Zelda fans I know. This game was released on the Zelda Collector’s Edition disk for the Gamecube and as part of the Classic NES series for the Game Boy Advance, but this will be its most recent rehashing to reach the Americas and its most public release in almost 20 years. So now everyone who asks me for help with AoL is going to learn my dark dirty secret.

Thankfully, though, I’ve got some time to kill before I’ll have to deal with AoL again. We only know that it’s being released in the US because somebody uploaded it to the Virtual Console server. It hasn’t received an ESRB rating yet, and Nintendo never officially releases a game before it has one. Also, Nintendo releases about 10 new games for the VC every month, and it already has about that many that are still waiting to be uploaded. Thus, odds are good that we’ll be seeing this game in America some time in early or mid April. It’s been out in other countries since January and has been selling for 500 Wii points, so I’d be surprised if Americans had to pay any more or less for one of the less popular games of the series.