Unfortunately for us at ZU, we can’t attend the GDC. However, we can deliver what we know from the internet. The first being that a somewhat improved version of PH is making its rounds at GDC. The Hylia, who of course is there, reports this.

The Hylia is showing off an image of how the game is going to work, somewhat. TSA also reports that the controls he claimed were horrible at E3, have somewhat improved in the year span since. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg for GDC.

Remember people, there are two major keynote speeches tomorrow from the mouths of Zelda themselves. Aonuma and Shiggy are both speaking tomorrow about Zelda and other Nintendo related issues. You can count on ZU to report anything that does break tomorrow regarding Zelda, including PH and quite possibly the new Wii Zelda.