Want to learn how to make your own paper model of Wolf Link and plenty of other Zelda characters? Ninjatoes can lend you a hand!

Ninjatoes has been an avid papercraft modeler on the web for about six years now, and has made a ton of really cool video game and anime models, including a few from OoT, TWW, and MM. Just a few days ago, he put pictures of his newest work online, and Zelda fans were not disappointed.


Not only did he make this awesome model, but he provided instructions so that people could make one of their very own! He also has instructions available for OoT Zelda, MM Link, Majora’s Mask, and the King of Red Lions.

… Unfortunately, though, Ninjatoes’ site is really low on bandwidth at the moment, so we’re not going to link to it. The site only has 2 gigs of space left to last it for the entire rest of the month.

So instead of linking you there, I’m going to provide you with links to all of his Zelda-related stuff. Be sure to send a thank-you email to Ninjatoes at ninjatoes (at) home (dot) nl.

If you put in the hours of labor it would take to assemble one of these models and send him pics of it, you’ll gain a well-deserved place in his Hall of Fame!

Pictures of his models:

Wolf Link | King of Red Lions | Majora’s Mask | Young Link | Young Zelda | The Complete Zelda Gallery

Instructions so you can make your own:

Wolf Link | King of Red Lions (and stand) | Majora’s Mask | Young Link | Young Zelda